The Curated. Shops Application

Thank you so much for your interest in participating in The Curated. Shops at Edmonton City Centre (opening Feb. 22nd, 2018), Premium Outlet Collection at the Edmonton International Airport (opening May 2nd, 2018) and/or Deerfoot City (opening  June 1st, 2018) in Calgary. Curated. Markets Inc. loves LOCAL and HANDMADE! We love local makers, and our stores are the perfect way to help get your brands and products into the minds and hands of people that may not attend our regular, seasonal markets in Edmonton, Calgary or Saskatoon.

Every 3rd month we’ll be changing up our list of makers and curators, to keep things fresh for the shopping community. You would come in on a three month basis, with the opportunity for an extended stay for the shops top sellers in each category. You will drop all products off on the second last day of the month, and return to pick up products on the last day of the third month, after the shops close for business.  The stores will be in charge of displaying and maintaining the look of your products in the shop, and the shop would contact you throughout the month to let you know whether or not, more stock is needed. Your products would be sold on a consignment basis, with a rate of 55% to the maker, and 45% to Curated.

 After accepted, you will only be able to apply to participate, once per quater,  (per location) to make sure everything is always new for our shoppers. 

 If this sounds like an exciting opportunity for you, please apply. There is limited space available, as we want to keep the shop versatile in product.


Name of your business:

Email address:

Phone Number:


What do you create?

What items would you plan to sell at the shop?

What are your price ranges?

What store are you applying for?



Come back March 1st to April 10th to apply for Saskatoon and Edmonton Fall Markets and April 1st to May 10th for our Calgary Fall Market.

Saskatoon Fall Market Sept 8th and 9th
Edmonton Fall Market Sept 22nd and 23rd
Calgary Fall Market Oct 5th and Oct 6th