Top 8 Best Embroidery Machine for Home Business (2023 Review)

There’s nothing quite like running a business from your home—it gives you the freedom to run with your own ideas as they appear.

If you have a small business that works with apparel or personalized clothing, have you considered an embroidery machine?

An embroidery machine for a home allows a small business at any level to create and customize unique expert embroidery designs.

There is A LOT of information on the internet, so avoid getting burnt out from research before you start an embroidery business.

Today, we take a look at the best embroidery machines for home use so you can level up your business and design quality. Even if you’re a beginner in crafts or considering a home embroidery machine to customize your old wardrobe, stick around.

Top Picks Based On Categories

Here’s a quick look at the top products from the lineup sorted by category.

Top Pick

Juki TL 2000

If you’re a professional looking for an industrial unit that can handle whatever you throw at it. In that case, this Juki TL is for you.

Juki TL 2000

For those wanting the best all-round machine for home business use, the Juki TL 2000 is the best option. This is one of the best embroidery machines as it is designed to handle heavy use.

This sturdy machine features one of the fastest stitches per minute speeds out of all those in the line-up. It can handle some of the thickest materials sewers use, giving users creative freedom and their business with a fast product turnaround.

Best Value

Singer Stylist 9960

Featuring a mammoth selection of built-in embroidery designs, built-in stitches, and a built-in buttonhole design, this machine gives users the option to create a range of personalized embroidery with ease.

Singer Stylist 9960

Want a unit that can take the stress out of your design business? The Singer Stylist 9960 does just that.

In my eyes, it is a worthwhile investment for those who want Singer Futura XL 400 quality without a large budget. With over 600 in-built stitch designs to select, a time-saving and automatic needle threader, this machine packs a big punch for a small price.

If that wasn’t enough, like the Singer Futura XL 400, it also comes with a selection of accessories, including feet, for businesses to switch up their designs.

Editor’s Choice

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 14000

If you are a home business owner serious about investing in a combination sewing and embroidery machine, this Janome device is for you.

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 14000

Suppose money is not an option, or you are a home business with a high product turnover. In that case, I’d recommend this fantastic Janome Memory Craft 14000, which I also rated as my top pick in my review of the best sewing and embroidery machines.

The Janome Memory Craft 14000 features adjustable speeds that allow users to create projects with a lightning-fast turnaround.


This futuristic Janome machine fits well within any home business space.

Essentially, the Janome Memory Craft 14000 was designed to make sewing and embroidery designs a breeze – and thanks to the bright LED light, users can sew easily late into the night if needed.

This Janome Memory Craft 14000 is a hefty investment.


It is well worth spending the money on due to the abundance of advanced features offered.

The ease of use and accessibility makes any project child’s play.

Overall, the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 14000 is the best embroidery machine for covering diverse projects and will almost always be a great choice.

Best Embroidery and Quilting Sewing Machine for Beginners

Brother XR3340 Computerized Sewing & Quilting Machine

Those just venturing into the embroidery business will enjoy the selection of features it offers, including the 140 built-in stitches – the perfect amount as not to overwhelm beginners.

Brother XR3340 Computerized Sewing & Quilting Machine

Those just venturing into the embroidery business will enjoy the selection of features it offers, including the 140 built-in stitches – the perfect amount as not to overwhelm beginners

The LCD screen is easy to read and displays care and maintenance figures so users can keep track of their device’s condition.

The automatic needle system threads so users don’t have to, and the feed dogs grip material so crafters aren’t left battling layers and can focus on design work.

Best Computerized Machine For Embroidery

SINGER Confidence 7469Q

It is an excellent combination sewing and embroidery machine for small business, home ventures, perfect for crafters and business owners of any skill level.

SINGER Confidence 7469Q

If you’re looking for a computerized needle machine that is the best embroidery machine for home business use, then the Singer 7496Q embroidery and sewing machine is for you.

This is the best computerized device for me from the lineup as it makes sewing and embroidery a breeze, thanks to the SwiftSmart and Drop & Sew system.

With the push of a button, a thread automatically threads, and stitches and designs can be selected with ease.

Top Embroidery Machines For Home Business

Here are the full reviews of each product from the lineup…

Best Embroidery and Quilting Sewing Machine for Beginners

Brother XR3340 Computerized Sewing & Quilting Machine

Those just venturing into the embroidery business will enjoy the selection of features it offers, including the 140 built-in stitches – the perfect amount as not to overwhelm beginners

Brother XR3340 Computerized Sewing & Quilting Machine

This single needle embroidery machine is seen as one of the best embroidery machines for a home business. It features an extra-large, backlit LCD screen.

It also includes buttons that allow you to pick from 140 built-in stitches and a selection of options for monogramming machine fonts.


The XR3340 features an advanced automatic needle threading system, which allows you to position the needle as needed.

Quilt creators will be happy to know that free motion quilting is an option with this machine.

This is thanks to the lever that can drop the feed dogs, allowing creators to draw patterns and designs with thread.


Those looking for the extra room will appreciate that this comes with an extra-wide table that can create more sewing space if needed.

Featuring a crystal-clear digital screen, this device reports all the functions on its screen.

For example, it displays stitch width and length while also highlighting the machine’s ongoing performance.

There are one or two less ideal things about this machine.

Foot Pedal

Unfortunately, a foot pedal is not included, meaning that one has to be purchased separately. There is no automatic thread cutter.

However, there are three different spots on the unit for sewing, threads, and bobbins.

Suppose you are looking for a unit with portability. If so, a bag may be needed, which you’ll have to purchase separately.


  • Power Source: Power Cord
  • Dimensions: 20.25 x 16 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 19.76 Pounds
  • Stitch Speed: 850 Per Minute


  • Included table increases space
  • Automatic threader
  • Free motion feature
  • Crystal clear screen


  • Stitch Speed not that fast
  • Thread cutters can cut thread short
  • No Bag
  • No Foot Pedal

Best Computerized Machine For Embroidery

Singer Confidence 7496 Computerized Machine

It is an excellent combination sewing and embroidery machine for small business, home ventures, perfect for crafters and business owners of any skill level.

Singer Confidence 7496 Computerized Machine

In my opinion, the Singer 7496 had to make this lineup.

It is an excellent combination sewing and embroidery machine for small business, home ventures, perfect for crafters and business owners of any skill level.

Those who get creative with embroidery designs will love that this embroidery machine for a home includes 98 inbuilt designs providing limitless possibilities.


If your eyesight is an issue, you’ll love the range of features that come with this Singer sewer that make setup a breeze.

The automatic threader, SwiftSmart threading system, and Drop & Sew bobbin system are just a couple of features that allow users to quite literally sew in confidence.

One of the design elements of this Singer Sewer I like is its clear bobbin cover; this allows creators to keep track of the thread available with a single glance rather than stopping and starting a task.

Storage Area

Running a home business is stressful, which is why the machine’s front storage area is an excellent addition to the machine’s accessibility.

Luckily, it keeps all accessories in one place rather than leaving them scattered around.

One of the unfortunate aspects of this combination unit is that it can handle thick fabrics or thin fabric layers, but cannot sew through thicker materials such as leather, suede, and canvas. However, embroiders will still love this machine, especially if running a small business from home.


  • Color: White
  • Power Source: Cord
  • Dimensions: 17 x 8 x 12.5 inches
  • Weight: 16.25 Pounds


  • 25 Year Warranty
  • Additional Space extension table included
  • PC connectivity via USB
  • Darning & embroidery foot included


  • Cannot sew through thicker materials

Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine

An embroidery only machine. Features a 3.2” screen where you can directly edit designs. It also has a powerful LED light which is ideal when working late or in a poorly lit area.

Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine

Suppose you’re a home business looking for a hybrid embroidery sewing machine.

In that case, this is not the right embroidery machine for you as the Brother PE800 machines are dedicated embroidery machines.

The Brother PE800 features a 3.2” screen where you can directly edit designs by dipping, rotating, and resizing them.

For those working with larger designs, there is also a 5×7 maximum embroidery size field.


Versatile designers can choose from 138 in-built designs, 10 border designs, and 11 fonts, including 3 Japanese and 1 Cyrillic.

Embroidery machines for small businesses with custom designs have a USB port to import work from a computer.

Suppose you find yourself working late into the night or in a dimly-lit area.


In that case, this Brother PE800 machine has a powerful built-in LED light to help shine a light on designs.

Operators also don’t have to worry about thread running out or power outages.

The Brother PE800 can remember where a design was up to should the process be interrupted.

If that wasn’t enough, the PE800 could backstitch 1, 10, or 100 stitches should you notice a design needs editing or changing.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Power Source: Treadle
  • Dimensions: 21.75 x 19.02 x 19.09 inches
  • Weight: 13.74 lbs
  • Speed: 650PM


  • 25-year warranty
  • Large embroidery field
  • Remembers stitch position should the power cut
  • Includes over 130 inbuilt designs
  • USB Port for Design Transfer


  • Doesn’t trim jump stitches
  • Slower stitch speed than others

Top Pick

Juki TL-2000 QI Sewing and Quilting Machine

If you’re a professional looking for an industrial unit that can handle whatever you throw at it. In that case, this Juki TL is for you.

Juki TL-2000 QI Sewing and Quilting Machine

Suppose you’re a professional looking for an industrial machine that can handle whatever you throw at it. In that case, this Juki TL is for you.

It can handle multiple layers and a variety of different fabrics, including denim and leather, making this a good choice if you’re looking for a machine that can sew leather.

This is one of the best sewing machines for home-based businesses.


It is built with a heavy workload in mind thanks to a blindingly fast speed of 1500 threads per minute.

The entire aluminum construction featuring zero plastic reduces work vibration.

Struggle threading needles? This Juki has an automatic threader on the foot pedal designed to nip this in the bud.


However, it is suggested by some users that sewers take extra care with the pedal and not rock back their foot too early, just in case they accidentally cut the thread.

Unfortunately, this unit isn’t for beginners or those who create elaborate, fancy stitches.

It only has one stitch design between 1mm & 6mm.

This Juki’s instructions are not super in-detail, so those who aren’t familiar with professional or home business-standard embroidery machines may struggle.


  • Power Source: 36 Pounds
  • Weight: 36 Pounds
  • Throat Space: 8.5 Inch
  • Speed: 1500 Stitches Per Minute
  • Walking Foot Included?: Yes


  • Industrial Machine
  • Can handle most materials
  • Extension Table Included


  • Stitch
  • Not for beginners

Brother SE625 Computerized Combination Sewing Machine

Perfect for a home-based embroidery business of any size due to the myriad of built-in designs it offers.

Brother SE625 Computerized Combination Sewing Machine

This Brother machine for home embroidery made the feature as it is undoubtedly up there in the home business category’s best embroidery machine.


Perfect for a home embroidery business of any size due to the myriad of built-in designs on offer thanks to the included CD of designs – 280 in total, including alphabet, florals, nature, and Greek designs.

A home embroidery business can also take advantage of the embroidery pattern drag and drop feature, allowing designers to scale, reposition and edit on the large Sew Smart Color LCD touch screen.

Thread Colors

If that wasn’t enough, embroidery thread colors can be edited to change individual thread colors in a design before executing the stitching with the included 4×4 embroidery hoop.

A smaller 1×2 hoop is included for smaller work, and a larger 4×6.7 can hoop to extend the design area. However, this can only be done through software like SewWhat.


This isn’t the fastest unit in this selection, so those using a sewing machine for home business use may not like the duration to complete a design.

It comes with a 4×4 hoop.

There is also a little hoop for very small work (1×2) and a 4×6.7. For that larger embroidery area, you need software like SewWhat to easily make a bigger design without rehooping.


  • Color: White
  • Material: Metal
  • Power Source: Power Cord
  • Dimensions: 21.06 x 16.42 x 15.28 inches
  • Weight: 25.3 Pounds


  • Large clear screen
  • Multiple embroidery hoops
  • Additional CD of designs


  • Can take time to complete a design
  • Not fastest stitch per minute speed

Bernette B77 with 8 Piece Feet Set

This is one of the best embroidery machines for home business owners, it features a wide range of designs and options.

Bernette B77 with 8 Piece Feet Set

One of the great things about the Bernette Needle Embroidery Machine is that this home machine comes with an impressive 8 piece set free.

Feet included:

  • Appliqué embroidery foot
  • Zigzag foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Automatic buttonhole foot
  • Blind Stitch foot
  • Button sewing-on foot
  • Overlocking foot
  • Free-Motion Embroidery Foot


When it comes to accessibility of this embroidery machine, it’s easy-peasy thanks to the 5-inch color LCD screen.

Home-based users from across the board will find this machine easy to use due to the vast amount of design elements available; 500 built-in stitches, built-in designs, border styles, and 17 buttonhole options and designs.

This is one of the best embroidery machines for home business owners looking to feature a range of designs and options.

It is a hefty investment and not worthwhile for those just beginning to start an embroidery journey.


Unlike some of the other embroidery machines in this line-up, this home embroidery business machine doesn’t feature a fully automatic threader.

It is only semi-automatic, which means some users have to put in the work.

However, the dual-feed feature allows for the fast and even passing of fabric through the embroidery and sewing machine – ideal for a business looking for a fast product turnaround.


This is one of the best embroidery machines for producing large quantities of designs, as the quality of work never varies.

After investing in a needle embroidery machine, that’s precisely what an embroidery design business needs.


  • Color: White
  • Material: Metal
  • Power Source: Power Cord
  • Dimensions: 22.4 x 17.6 x 13.7 inches
  • Weight: 30.3 Pounds


  • Extension table included
  • Large selection of feet with purchase
  • 500 built-in stitches
  • Dual Feed feature


  • Semi-automatic needle threader
  • Expensive
  • Lower warranty than most

Editor’s Choice

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 14000

If you are a home business owner serious about investing in a combination sewing and embroidery machine, this is the Janome device for you.

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 14000

Complete transparency: I have saved this edition from the Janome Memory Craft family for last, because it does come with an eye-watering price tag.

However, if you are a home embroidery business owner serious about investing in a combination sewing and embroidery machine, this is the best Janome embroidery device for you.


I am someone who loves a home machine with a nice aesthetic, especially if it’s going to be a part of the household for many years.

Quite honestly, this Janome machine looks like it is straight out of a futuristic sci-fi film, thanks to the massive backlit touch LCD screen featuring a whopping 16 million colors!

The LCD touch screen is easy to operate and allows users to quickly and easily change settings depending on their needs and preferences and edit designs on the screen.

An embroidery business of any size will adore the staggering selection of 400 built-in stitches and 350 built-in designs that genuinely open up a world of options in design development and execution.

Looking For Built-in Embroidery Designs?

Users can import creative content to the Janome Memory Craft 14000 via USB.

Just save the designs to a memory stick and pop it in the machine’s USB port before selecting that design to start – it’s simple! If that wasn’t enough, this machine provides a real-time pc connection too.

With a sewing speed of 1060 sewing stitches per minute, embroidery speed of 1000 stitches per minute, and 91 needle positions, sewers won’t find themselves taking forever to complete a project or commission either.

Needle Threading

Users won’t have to worry about taking time to thread a needle all the time.

With the push of a button, that job is done for you thanks to the automatic needle threader. Those who run a small business from home should appreciate the 10 bright white LED lights on this sewing and embroidery machine.

It’s perfect for those nights that see sewers working into the dark hours of the night.

Time-saving features also include an auto-thread cutter, speed control, and Acuflex Dual Feeding System to tackle multiple fabric layers if needed.


  • Color: White
  • Material: Metal
  • Dimensions: 30.5 x 30.5 x 18 inches
  • Weight: 88.8 Pounds
  • Speed: 1060 SPM


  • USB Port
  • Over 1000 stitches per minute
  • Auto thread cutter
  • Can sew multiple fabrics at once


  • Very expensive

Best Value

Singer Stylist 9960

Featuring a mammoth selection of built-in embroidery designs, built-in stitches, and a built-in buttonhole design, this unit gives users the option to create a range of personalized embroidery with ease.

Singer Stylist 9960

First and foremost, the remote computer screen of the Singer 9960 is crystal clear and perfect for navigating a range of innovative features.

They make the best embroidery machines for home business owners who complete more embroidery designs or commissions than other heavier, bigger projects.


Featuring a mammoth selection of built-in embroidery designs, 600 built-in stitches, and 1 built-in buttonhole design, this needle embroidery machine gives users the option to create a range of personalized embroidery with ease.

If you struggle to thread a needle, don’t worry—the Singer Stylist 9960 has the time-saving automatic threader that eliminates the struggle of threading by doing the hard work for you.


This best embroidery machine’s stitch speed is ample (850 PM) for a business not searching for one of the fastest machines for home business on the market.

However, it is certainly fast enough for a home embroidery business that generates up to 100 projects or orders a week.

A home embroidery business will benefit from the range of sewing accessories that come with the 9960, including over 10 feet, so they can just get straight on with business as usual.

Needle Threader

While I have had no issue with this unit for my home business, some of my craft colleagues with the same needle embroidery machine have reported problems, such as the automatic threader breaking.

This seems to be from pushing the unit past its capabilities rather than any design fault or flaw.


  • Color: White
  • Material: Metal
  • Power Source: Power Cord
  • Dimensions: 17.25 x 8.25 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 20 Pounds
  • Warranty: Limited 25 Years | 5 years Electrical, 1 Year Labor


  • Many feet included
  • Multiple Built-in Stitch Options
  • One Touch Selection
  • Heavy Duty
  • Extension Table Included


  • Not the best for businesses wanting the fastest needle embroidery machine.
  • Some heavy use can lead to part or machine failure.

What Is A Sewing Machine For Quilting And Embroidery?

A sewing device used by small businesses in quilting and embroidery is a hybrid product designed to handle big creations, compared to standard-sized sewing machines.

How Are These Different From Regular Sewing Machines?

Quilting and embroidery designs or commissions tend to be big projects where space is crucial, much more than in standard projects.

Hence, they give creators more neck space to work with.

Those who operate a small home business will know that a ‘normal’ device just can’t handle or sustain larger creations.

A business standard embroidery machine should include table extensions.

This will let sewers expand their workspace as needed and provide longer arm-lengths for wide creations.

Why Buy A Sewing Machine For Quilting And Embroidery?

Sewing a Truck Pattern on Red Cloth
Sewing a Truck Pattern on Red Cloth

Quite simply, if you’re a home quilting or embroidery business looking to make many designs or large projects, then you should invest in a specific machine to ensure you get a sewing and embroidery machine that can last.

Larger work and creators tend to run faster than conventional single head machines.

If you’re sewing or embroidering on a standard sewer, you’re wasting time.


Faster threads allow for faster projects.

Devices built for quilting and embroidery also tend to have more functions and settings than traditional counterparts giving businesses more options for their work such as border styles and multi-needle machine embroidery designs.

Who Should Buy A Sewing Machine For Quilting And Embroidery?

The art of quilting and embroidery is something that has been embraced by individuals worldwide.

However, not everyone should run out and invest in a fancy new machine for a small hobby. These machines are designed to generate work in a quick and clean nature, continuously.

This is why a good embroidery machine is perfect for businesses or artists who make numerous, large sewing projects such as; designers, independent artists, and those consistently making personalized apparel, i.e., monogramming fonts.

Important Notes About A Sewing Machine For Quilting And Embroidery

Think About Purpose

Many variables should be considered before venturing out and purchasing an embroidery machine.

These vary from person to person, especially if running a home business, so have a long, hard think about the following things:

Does Embroidery Machine Cost Matter? 

Person Modifying Settings on Embroidery Machine
Person Modifying Settings on Embroidery Machine

As highlighted above, there are several options to suit all budgets and design ability.

If you are looking at machines for home business you may have a bigger budget than those for whom embroidery is a hobby.


I would recommend that businesses invest in an item out of this feature that is heavy-duty and ticks all the boxes on their requirement checklist with ease.


Machines for home business are likely to be used much more than hobby embroidery machines, meaning they have a shorter lifetime, especially for businesses creating a large number of designs daily.

While all the machines in this review are worth investing in, if you want a machine for home business, the saying “you get what you pay for” rings true.


More expensive machines have more extended warranties, better post-purchase customer services, and more durability than an affordable embroidery machine for home business.

Higher priced and modern embroidery machines are made for high production rates as they tend to be made with higher quality materials and feature many more embroidery design features and elements.

What About Warranty?

What kind of life will the machine live? – That is what you must ask yourself.

Businesses are recommended to purchase sewing and embroidery machines that have as long a warranty as you can find.

This should give home business owners comfort that they are covered should a fault occur with the machine.


If a technical lifetime warranty is not available or on offer, try and at-least consider purchasing an item that has a 25-year warranty as a minimum.

This gives a home embroidery business scope and the comfort of knowing that the unit can be used for many years with good care.

Imagine getting a device with a warranty of 24 months. Everything is fine, and then suddenly something goes wrong.

Suddenly you’re left with a home embroidery business, with no sewing and embroidery machine.

Extra Cost

Now you have to consider spending more money to get the machine repaired, or investing in a new machine entirely.

Not to mention the orders that may have to be missed, delayed, or denied due to having a home-based embroidery machine out of action.

Consider Durability

Person Changing Embroidery Machine Thread
Person Changing Embroidery Machine Thread


If you operate a home-based embroidery business, think about the volume of work orders you expect the machine to complete.

The more embroidery projects you intend to complete, the better the quality of material you should consider for your machine.

A low budget computerized machine may feature a thinner, less durable material such as plastic.

Plastic could be cracked or damaged easier than materials of a higher quality- especially if regular portability is required.


I once had an embroidery machine that was made of plastic but had a unique, swift, and responsive LCD screen feature that was best for me.

Then one day, disaster struck as I was moving it across the room during some renovations. I dropped it, the machine cracked near that magical remote computer screen, and it never worked again.


Investing in machine made or higher quality materials such as metal may improve machine life and durability but at the sacrifice of elements such as weight and portability.

Machines made of higher quality materials also run the risk of being more expensive to repair if needed.


For some crafters, the activity of embroidery is a relaxing process to get lost and immerse themselves in.

That may not be the case for a small home-based embroidery business where money is king and time is essential.

A faster sewing machine speed means more designs and orders can be completed in a shorter time frame than machines sewing stitches with lower stitch per minute speed ability. 


Another speed element that should be considered is whether users can adjust the speed via a foot pedal or speed controller.

If speed cannot be adjusted, users run the risk of embroidery design elements like the stitch being affected.


A speed controller gives users the ability to set the maximum speed a machine should go. It will never pass the set speed – no matter how hard the foot pedal is pushed down.

Imagine cruise control on a car; it’s like that.

This may not be important to some small business owners, whereas to others, this can be a design-saving feature.

Machine Variety Matters

Embroidery Patterns
Embroidery Patterns

Each embroidery machine varies in terms of its features and how well it can be used for design work.

A home business offering products that can be created on the best embroidery home machines might only ever need one specific type of embroidery machine.

However, this has the potential to limit future design and product options.

Multiple Units

If a business offers many different item sizes, it may be wise to invest in several embroidery machines

This will ensure you give customers the best quality product.

Some designers may find that they can create embroidery easily on a machine not meant for that, especially when working with multiple layers of thick material.

Still, over time this runs the risk of damaging the machine – leaving you without a machine. This would simply be rectified by investing in a machine specifically for the task at hand. 

Ease of Use

When considering a unit for a business, think of what features will make operation and the embroidering experience easier depending on what an individual needs from a unit—for example, an automatic threader or some cutters.

Think Of The Kind of Person You Are.

Do you like to take your time with a new machine or product before you use it? Or, are you more of a dive right in and get down to business kind of person?

Then there are considerations such as who’s going to be using the machine?


Would they benefit from a time-saving feature such as automatic threading or built-in designs?

Consider the screen size too, would a small screen work, or is a larger remote computer screen needed?


If a design needs to be edited, question whether that would have to be done via computer or directly on the remote computer screen.

Some edits can be made on an embroidery machine for home, whereas others do not have that ability.

The best embroidery machine for home business should work well despite the level of the crafter behind the foot pedal.

Will You Require Your Embroidery Machine To Have A Hoop Capability?

Machine Stitching with Orange Thread
Machine Stitching with Orange Thread

Suppose you need embroidery area stability from a machine when generating built-in designs or custom creations.

In that case, an embroidery hoop may be required.

Not all machines can have a hoop capability.

In contrast, the best sewing machine for embroidery should have the option for interchangeable hoops, which offers creators more design space.

Hoop Size

Hoop size is the frame of an embroidery area.

The minimum recommended for a home-based machine is 14X20cm and is for suggested use on mid-level machines.

Larger hoop size capabilities exist and continue into ‘jumbo’ hoop size cm for higher quality, multi-needle embroidery machine, or large embroidery creations or border styles.

Does My Embroidery Business Machine Need Built-in Designs?

It honestly depends on your design ability and experience. However, it never hurts to have more ammunition in your armory, so to speak.

Built-in embroidery designs come with many, if not most, embroidery machines. Hence, it really comes down to how much freedom and variety a home embroidery business wants to offer customers and clients.


Why are the best embroidery machines so expensive?

Firstly, they are bigger than their commercial embroidery machine counterparts as they are designed for bigger jobs.

These machines are normally used in home businesses where speed is essential, and time is money.

So they tend to have faster thread speeds, thus needing bigger motors.


On average, an embroidery design has 10,000 stitches.

If a device can make 1000 stitches a minute, then theoretically, one design could take up to ten minutes.

Simply investing in an embroidery and sewing machine doesn’t mean that the costs stop there.

Not a One Time Purchase

Embroidery isn’t a one-time investment kind of activity.

Even the best embroidery machine and multi-needle machines will eventually need specific replacement needles, bobbins, spools, and threads. You might even need to start looking at the best vinyl cutting machine for t-shirts if you want to expand your design options.

That’s not including additional extras like an embroidery hoop, where multiple hoop sizes are often required for varying project sizes.


Did you know that an embroidery machine requires a specific thread?

This thread is more expensive than a ‘normal’ sewing thread, so those who may want a wide selection of colors may find themselves paying a pretty penny or two.

What does a walking foot do?

What is a Walking Foot – Sewing Tips for Beginners

A walking foot is a specific presser that interacts with a sewing machine to pull through multiple material layers.

It’s essential to check whether you require one for your business and where these can be purchased separately.

The best embroidery machine will vary for you, so definitely analyze your need for a walking foot.

Do you need a walking foot to quilt?

Yes, it is recommended that those who quilt invest in a walking foot to keep a hold of fabric.

Any sewer will know that it can be an absolute nightmare tackling multiple fabric layers, especially if they are different material types.

A walking foot interacts with a machine’s feed dogs to improve fabric movement, whether slippery silk, heavy denim, or leather.

Quilting uses multiple layers of varying fabric depending on the design. A walking foot allows quilters to tackle numerous material layers at once, rather than trying to tame a creation.

What’s the difference between quilting and knotting?

Quilting and knotting are two different types of ways to secure the multiple layers of a quilt together when sewing.


Quilting is the stitch style that holds together the three layers when a home embroidery business creates a quilt.


Knotting is a different stitch style and is usually done in intervals throughout the quilt’s creation.

At the end of a project, this will make sure the sewed layers stay together.

Quilters will create a quilter’s knot at the end of a creation to keep the piece together, especially when it goes through the wash.

Care and Maintenance

The best embroidery machine has features and parts that are all in optimum working condition.

Should you hear any unusual noises or issues occurring with the unit, take a look at the care manual to see how to keep it clean and working.

If you hear a noise that sounds like the embroider is unusual, take a look at it at once.


If you’re not comfortable looking over the unit, consider getting in an expert who knows what they’re doing.

Winding Up

That’s it, that’s all the information you need when choosing an embroidery machine best for home and business.

If you find yourself still questioning which is the best unit for you, I have a few suggestions regarding the best embroidery machine.

Top Pick

My personal pick is the Juki unit, as it is the fastest running creator on the list. And, it has a hold of built in stitches!

Best Value

The best value is the Singer Stylist 9960, which gives you Singer Futura XL quality without the Singer Futura XL budget.

Additionally, it has a number of built in stitches and built in designs, all ready to help you with your more intricate projects.

Editor’s Choice

If money’s no concern, or you’re looking for the best embroidery machine for businesses, then the Janome Memory Craft is the standout option.

It does everything that crafters will need, no matter your skill level.

It also features the most built-in stitches and designs out of those reviewed – a perfect embroidery machine for those who want variety in their device’s capabilities.

Share Your Thoughts

Thanks for taking this embroidery machine journey with me.

I hope that this has helped you narrow down your search.

Should you have any more questions or comments, feel free to get in touch on social media – I look forward to hearing about your crafting creations!

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