Brother PE 770 Embroidery Machine: In-depth Review (2023)

Brother PE770

Great for those who are starting out on their embroidery journeys, and also for those who want to take their embroidery to the next level.

Are you a sewer or embroider who wants to take their skills to the next level? Maybe you’ve always wanted to try embroidery but don’t know where to begin.

There are lots of different embroidery machines on the market at the moment, and it can be difficult to choose the best one.

I’ve reviewed the Brother PE770 embroidery machine in detail, which is one of the best embroidery machines out there today. There’s a good reason why beginners and experts alike swear by it.

Brother is a leader in embroidery technology. Now let’s take a deeper look at PE770 and what it can do for you!

Things to consider and FAQs:

Brother PE770 Unit.png
Brother PE770 Unit.png

Like all pieces of machinery, the Brother PE770 is an investment.

Therefore closely consider your budget before investing your hard earned cash.

Today, I’ve done the research for you so it’s all laid out before you buy.

Can I sew with the Brother PE770?

The Brother PE770 is an embroidery only machine.

You cannot sew on it at all, and for that you would need a different machine entirely.

How to use the Brother PE770 embroidery machine:

  1. When you’ve removed the machine from the box, the first thing you need to do is set it up. 
  2. First, remove all the pieces of paper and tape that have been attached.
  3. Open the bobbin plate and check inside the bobbin case.
  4. Make sure you can see a little dot and white triangle in the bobbin case and that it is lined up. If it’s not, just move the handle until you can see that it is.
  5. Insert the power cord and switch the device on. The machine comes to life as the Brother logo displays on the screen.
  6. Simply touch the display to get it started! Insert the taut fabric within the included hoop, making sure the area you want to embroider sits nicely inside the hoop.
  7. Then, tighten the fabric with the screws.
  8. Find your design from the library of 136 built in embroidery designs, or upload your own from the media card slot or built in USB port.
  9. Press the green button and watch the magic happen!

How to download files on the Brother PE770:

brother PE-770 Built-in memory
brother PE-770 Built-in memory

According to the Brother info page, the Brother PE770 uses these file types: .pes, .phc, -.pen files.

These are the default file formats that are used to store information on how to create embroideries using an embroidery machine.

The file contains codes such as jump, trim, stop, and others.

It supports colors from a color palette, which can be opened and accessed through sewing software.

Why Brother PE770 embroidery machine will not read USB file:

Put the USB back into your computer and check all the files are in the correct format.

Importing an incompatible file format runs the risk of damaging your machine, so be careful.

Main Folder

Try to put the designs you want in the root of the thumb drive, and don’t use too many folders in the USB machine.

Check the name of the file, if it is titled with any special characters, it will not show up on your Brother PE 770.


Make sure to update the firmware, as it could be a causing problem if you’re having trouble with your USB files.

Is there Brother PE770 embroidery machine software?

There is different software that will work well with the Brother PE770 embroidery machine, however you may not need an additional software at all.

  • If you want to easily import designs from your PC to a memory card, you only need the PED-Basic program that transfers your files from computer to the device’s internal card.
  • If you’re using a flash drive, you don’t need any additional design programs for this.
  • If you are purchasing the designs from the internet, you might not need any software as you can edit designs straight from the PE770 machine.

You would need to buy design software if you want to edit the files on your computer.

Some software that’s compatible with the Brother PE770 includes:

  • Embrilliance.
  • Embird Basic program and the Font Engine.
  • Buzz Edit and the Buzz Word.

How to applique with a Brother PE770 embroidery machine:

Classic applique embroidery uses fabric pieces to fill in parts of a design and finishes them with a smooth satin stitch.

An example of applique embroidery

You would applique the same way you would on any machine for embroidery.

  1. Attach a stabilizer to the hoop, and then attach your material in the hoop.
  2. Tighten the screws to hold it taut and attach it to the cartridge.
  3. Find your design in your machine and sew one tack stitch of your image. Stretch out the applique fabric across the shell of the design and repeat the tack stitch to hold the top layer to the foundation fabric.
  4. Remove the hoop from the cartridge and trim away any excess material that lies outside of the tack stitch.
  5. Finally, insert the hoop again, and finish with your choice of decorative stitch for a beautiful finish.

What is the Brother PE770 embroidery machine hat hoop?

A machine hat hoop is a different shape from the average hoop for embroidery.

It clamps down on the hat or cap, holding it still for embroidery and making it easy for hat design.

They come with a grid to help find the center.

You can find hat hoops that fit the Brother PE770 easily online.

What does the SV cover on a Brother PE770 embroidery machine say?

There is a numbered thread guide telling you how to thread your machine on the cover for the Brother PE770.

What Brother embroidery machine replaces the PE770?

The Brother PE770 has been succeeded by its advanced baby “brother”, the PE800 (excuse the pun).

It has a color LCD touch display and comes with a few more design capabilities, including 2 extra built in frame shapes and 12 borders.

Is the Brother PE770 good for beginners?

Brother PE-770 Embroidery
Brother PE-770 Embroidery

I would think this machine makes a good model for beginners. It can be set up and in use from the box in 10 minutes.

How to thread Brother PE770?

Attach thread to the spool and add the spool cover. Make sure the thread isn’t caught between the spool and spool cover.

Follow the thread guide numbered 1 – 7 on the cover, finishing with the automatic needle threader.

Drop In Bobbin

The drop in bobbin is easy to thread by following the directions on the plate.

It is a single thread embroidery machine, so you will have to change the thread for color change, but Brother makes it simple.

The on screen guide will tell you which colors to change to and when.

brother pe770

Great for those who are starting out on their embroidery journeys, and also for those who want to take their embroidery to the next level.

brother pe770

Most embroidery machines offer a meager 4×4 work space area.

Brother PE 770 embroidery machine comes with a generous work area of 5×7 inches giving a suitable area for larger designs.

LED and Embroidery Designs

The LED light shines directly on your workspace, illuminating your craft area.

Built in are 136 embroidery designs, including 10 frame shapes, 12 border styles and 6 lettering fonts.

Memory and Stitches

The memory card slot and built in USB port feature lets you quickly import designs and edit them with on screen features such as size editing, mirror images, and rotation.

It comes with 184 built-in sewing stitches for applique finishes and embroidery.

Time Saving Features

It features a large number of time saving additions similar to the best commercial embroidery machine, such as the automatic needle threader, automatic thread cutter, and sideway sewing so you can sew horizontally, perfect for applique and cylindrical sewing.

For Embroidery Only

It’s a high performance machine with plenty of modern and automatic features.

It’s an embroidery only machine, so remember that you cannot do regular sewing on this – if you want to sew you’ll need to find a different machine.


  • Embroidery area: 5 x 7”
  • Stitches per minute: 650
  • Built in embroidery designs: 136
  • Warranty: 25 year limited warranty.
  • Unit dimensions: 21.2 x 16.9 x 17.3”


  • Easy to use.
  • Built in USB port and memory card slot.
  • Easy threading instructions on the sv cover.
  • Expansive embroidery area.
  • Built in memory will save your designs for future use.
  • 184 built in sewing stitches.


  • Hoop attaches to the carriage with buttons or keyholes instead of the other way around.
  • May take some time to get used to the computer connectivity functions.
  • Small screen.

Features and benefits of the Brother PE770

Like all machinery, embroidery and sewing machines are an important investment.

I want to make sure you have everything covered before making the leap into an embroidery only machine.


This Brother embroidery model includes a 5 x 7 embroidery hoop, an accessory bag with seam ripper, needle set, cleaning brush, screwdrivers, touch pen, spool cap, scissors, and bobbins.

You may not have to invest in any additional accessories with Brother’s generous offerings.


Parts of Brother PE-770
Parts of Brother PE-770

This machine is pretty durable, and can handle being used every day.

If you’re just starting out embroidering, research if there are any Brother embroidery retailers nearby who will let you test the machine before purchasing.

There could be embroidery expos, or maybe meetups in your area for advice. You can also read my Brother embroidery machines review for more details on the various Brother embroidery models.


If you’ve never embroidered before but love to sew, purchasing an embroidery only machine might not be for you. It could be worth looking at a sewing and embroidery machine with dual purpose!


Like most Brother products, the Brother PE 770 comes with a 25 year limited warranty.

Be mindful of where you shop!

If it’s not from a Brother dealer, the warranty might not be valid.

Brother prides themselves on their support for the life of the machine.


Typically, a sewing machine that is made from aluminum is durable and longer lasting.

The Brother PE 700 is mostly made from plastic, weighing 27lbs.

Most Brothers are built for lifelong use, with the weight of the machine holding it steady during high speed sewing.


It comes with a small black and white LCD computerized touch screen, presenting larger buttons to help you see.

The screen feature means less fiddling with manual dials. Everything you need is right in front of you at your fingertips. 2.7” x 1.4” in size.


With a sewing speed at 650 stitches per minute, it runs pretty fast for an embroidery machine.

Most industrial embroidery machines will sew between 500 – 1000 stitches per minute.

At 650 stitches per minute, this makes a good mid ground machine.

The faster the machine, the faster mistakes can be made, so keep that in mind.

This machine is only compatible for specific feet – the embroidery foot which is included with the purchase.


brother PE-770 - Automatic Needle Threader
Brother PE-770 – Automatic Needle Threader

Modern sewing machines are built with a host of innovative features, saving you time and stress. Some of the features this machine includes are:

Automatic needle threader:

Follow the steps on the machine 1-7. Number 7 is a super fast needle threader, saving your eyes from squinting.

Automatic thread cutter:

The automatic thread cutter neatly trims the thread when you have finished sewing with the press of a button.

This saves you from searching for the scissors during high production work.

Embroidery field:

The embroidery field is the area in which you can actually embroider. It excludes the size of the hoop, only including where you can lay the needle.

The embroidery area on the Brother PE 770 is 5×7 inches.

You can use a larger hoop than the one that is included with the machine, but will only be able to sew in the embroidery area mentioned.

Embroidery card slot

Insert an embroidery card with your own embroidery designs into the slot to access alternatives to the 136 that are built in.

You can purchase Brother memory cards which you can buy pre-loaded with embroidery designs if you do not have access to a computer.

USB Port:

brother PE-770 USB Port
Brother PE-770 USB Port

The USB port is located close to the power button. Load up a USB memory stick and insert it for immediate access to your own designs.

On screen aid

One good feature about the Brother PE770 is the on screen aid of the machine.

It tells you how to set it up and when the bobbin thread is running low.


For any problems with this, you can try troubleshooting from the user manual or a video from Brother’s online resources.


The hoop is what helps the material you are embroidering stay taut, guiding the work area under the needle.

Attach the material into the hoop, tighten it, and attach it to the cartridge.

You can use different hoop sizes, but can only embroider in the field specified.

Editing functions:

Brother PE-770 LCD Touchscreen Display
Brother PE-770 LCD Touchscreen Display

Patterns are easy to edit from the touch screen. They can mirror, rotate, and change size easily.

You can edit from your computer if you have the correct software.


If you download any additional software, make sure it’s compatible with your type of computer e.g. Mac / Windows. Customers generally haven’t reported any issues with connectivity.

File compatibility:

.pes, .dst, .phc, .pen files are the files to use with the Brother PE770.


Although the Brother PE770 is a bit of a workhorse, there are alternatives on the market.

I’ve rounded up my favorite three for your consideration.

Brother PE800

Suited for both experienced embroiderers or beginners, and it doesn’t require too much initial investment.

Brother PE800

Already mentioned briefly, this machine comes with 11 lettering fonts and 138 built in embroidery designs.

The larger control screen 3.2” is completely in color, allowing you to preview your design before embroidering.


There is the USB port to allow you to import your embroidery designs into the machine’s built in memory.

This machine is suited for both experienced embroiderers or beginners, and it doesn’t require too much initial investment.

Brother offers their usual generous accessory bundle with this product.


  • Embroidery field: 5 x 7”
  • Built in designs: 138
  • Stitch per minute: 650
  • Unit dimensions: 17.5 x 9.5 x 11.8

Janome Memory Craft 500E

Great for personalizing various items such as decor, garments, and accessories. It features 6 fonts for monogramming and a lot of built-in embroidery designs.

Janome Memory Craft 500E

The Janome Memory Craft 500E is a pretty impressive and well-presented workhorse of an embroidery machine.

It makes it easy to embellish and monogram a variety of home décor items, with a choice of 160 built in embroidery designs and 6 fonts for monogramming.

The large embroidery area of 7.9×11” provides an expansive workplace.

Patterns and designs from your USB are easily imported and edited on the advanced backlit LCD touch screen.


Accessories included are 4 embroidery hoops, an extra wide extension table, and a high tension bobbin holder.

The drop in bobbin makes for easy access.

The instructions are available to watch online, or with the included DVD.

If you would like to learn about other Janome embroidery devices, you can read my review here.


  • Embroidery field: 7.9 x 11”
  • Built in designs: 160
  • Stitch per minute: 860
  • Unit dimensions: 30 x 27 x 26”

Bernette 79

Bernette’s top of the line model that can do both sewing and embroidery. It has a fast stitching speed and also comes with a lot of features.

Bernette 79

Bernette b79 is an embroidery and sewing machine. It features multi-function knobs to help the LCD screen directions.

It features a semi-automatic needle threader, dual feed for fast, even fabric feed, and a foot control with a back-kick function.

It includes programmable stitch patterns, so you can create your own designs or plug in to a USB and download and import designs from a collection.

Other Features

A fast sewer at 1000 stitches per minute, it is a fraction of the price of an industrial sewing machine.

It has a larger display screen of 5”, good for those who have trouble tinkering around with high tech modern type models.

It’s got a high quality user interface and a dual feed system, so you can sew slippery fabrics such as silks.


  • Embroidery field: 6 x 10”
  • Built in designs: 208
  • Stitch per minute: 1000
  • Unit dimensions: 23.3 x 22.1 x 20.4"


The Brother PE770 embroidery machine is fantastic for those who are starting out on their embroidery journeys, and also for those who want to take their embroidery to the next level.

There are 136 built in embroidery designs, including floral, holiday, and decorative designs. 6 lettering fonts are included for monogramming.

Easy to Use

Although the company says it’s an advanced machine, customers say this is a great embroidery machine to invest in for all skill levels.

It’s suitable to embroider on a variety of fabrics, from denim to cotton.

Made for Embroidery

It’s a dedicated machine to your home embroidery needs and will efficiently stitch your projects.

This one could be your best buy yet.

It’s great for both hobbyists and professionals, and should help your creativity flow!

I hope you enjoyed reading the review, and I appreciate you taking the time to do so. Meanwhile, if you are hungry for more machine-related topics, check out our other articles, like this review of the best cheap embroidery machines.

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