Top 10 Quilt Design Software To Help With Your Projects (2023)

Featured Image - BC-0098 - quilt design software
Featured Image – BC-0098 – quilt design software

Have you ever tried to design your own quilt? A lot of math used to be required to figure out the exact measurements and fabric required for each block – even then it might not always be perfect!

Nowadays quilt design software that will help to ease the burden of those calculations, and it has helped me with all kinds of quilt projects.

You will learn all about 10 quilt design software programs here, so you can take your quilt pattern designing to the next level.

Free Version

Pre Quilt


You can design your dream quilt with PreQuilt by registering for a free account to learn the basics.


PreQuilt software demo is a great design software to help you when starting out with quilt design software without committing to paying a premium for it.


You will learn how to create color combinations and customize your quilt and design your own blocks with a block editor. Master how to use triangle and rectangle built in grids, (which are the building blocks to create shapes such as diamonds, hexagons and stars on your quilt grid).

You will not be able to save any of your block or quilt top patterns with the demo version or print templates, but it’s a great introduction to quilt design software, before taking the plunge and paying for it.

You can upgrade to the full version of basic software for a monthly, or annual yearly fee. This will let you save up to 50 quilt layouts, and import fabric to the free app. The basic software also has a fabric calculator, which will tell you exactly how much fabric you need.


Quilt Assistant

Quilt Assistant

This is a free quilting software which is used for designing quilts based upon photos. It helps turn your photos into your own pieced quilt patterns – pretty cool right?

Quilt Assistant

Have you heard the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words”?

Well, a quilt with your pictures on it is worth even more! Imagine your favorite moment you have captured on camera, turned into a pattern block ready to piece and sew, Quilt Assistant makes this happen.


The software for Windows and Mac, focuses on specific tasks like turning photos into quilts and quickly drafting blocks, or English paper piecing patterns rather than having libraries of traditional blocks included.

You export images which are then turned into quilt patterns for you.


Use this software for the design process of more traditional quilt blocks whilst adding your own spin.

It makes use of the symmetry which is present in traditional quilt blocks, by automatically copying a drawing you make onto the other side of the quilt blocks for you.


My Web Quilter

My Web Quilter

My Web Quilter software lets you design a quilt based upon your skill level – all for free.

My Web Quilter

The creator has made this to provide fun and easy to use web based design software and quilting tools for fellow quilters to use. My Web Quilter has everything you could possibly want for a quilt design software. You can use this on Apple or Android devices.


You can select from hundreds of different free blocks patterns, at different skill levels so you can make sure you are working to your level.

You will improve as you design quilts and can up your level as you enhance your quilting design skills.

Extra Tools

Add fonts and edit colors of fabric to help you envisage the end result. There’s rotary cutting charts and a built in fabric calculator which will also work out how many yards of your own fabric stash you need for the borders, backing and binding.


Quilt Fusion Quilt Design Software

Quilt Fusion Quilt Design Software

This quilting software has been designed with the iPad in mind but it can be used on a desktop too. You can design and collaborate with other users to make applique art quilts.

Quilt Fusion Quilt Design Software

This software will help design your own quilts with accurate and precise patterns and templates for you to use to create amazing art quilts.

Easy To Use

If you’re new to design quilts, or have never used design software this would be suitable for you. The software gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make paper piecing patterns.

Design Library

If you’re feeling stuck on new ideas, the software includes a library of artwork from licensed artists, and a beautiful batik Bali fabric store.

The software is compatible with Silhouette Cameo for printing and cutting the pattern. This is the free version of the software which is for the iPad only.

You can download a desktop version which will work on PC and Mac desktops.

Free 30 Day Trial

Microsoft Quilting Buddy

Microsoft Quilting Buddy

You get a free 30-day trial with this app, which is downloadable to your Apple and play store devices and PC, so you can edit and make your own quilt patterns on the go.

Microsoft Quilting Buddy

This app has been created for quilters by a quilter who wanted to help the process of quilting.


The app helps you finish a quilt, with features that will allow you to design, build and save a quilt pattern. You’ll be able to create a quilt in one size, and change the size for a quilt for a twin bed, instead of a king.

It saves any calculations you make such as the number of fabric strips for each quilt binding and will shrink the quilt dimensions so you will save fabric.


The clever app is built with calculations such as the square hypotenuse and square triangle calculators to help with the mathematics of your quilt pattern.

My Quilt Buddy

My Quilting Buddy

My Quilting Buddy claims to be the quilters BFF with all kinds of quick calculations that we perform when we construct a quilt.

My Quilting Buddy

Binding strips, sashing and half square triangle block calculations take precious time and concentration when we’re quilting.


My Quilting Buddy is a paid for application for the iPhone, which brings all the quilt calculators into one app, which will help you to reference what you need, when you need it the most.

This app will assist in helping you figure out those fiddly setting triangles, and will give you a reference for making multiple flying geese at the same time.


It’s also built with many other visual step by step breakdowns and online tutorials.

Brother SAPVQ

Brother SAPVQ

Brother is a well established name in the sewing and quilting world, so you can almost guarantee you’re going to get a high quality quilt design program.

Brother SAPVQ

The Brother SAPVQ Software is suitable to help you with quilt ideas, even if you’ve never used a quilt software before.


You can choose from over 150 built in block patterns to help you get started. If you’re full of ideas, you have full drawing capabilities and will use the drawing tools to create your own paper piecing blocks (with seam allowances of ½” don’t forget).

Import Your Designs

Users can import their own fabric designs or use the built in color palette to help them visualize the quilt top before cutting any fabric.

You can save your block designs for the next project in your own fabric library and edit them later with various cropping tools. Currently this software is only compatible with a Windows computer.

PreQuilt Market Plan

PreQuilt Market

This is the paid for version of PreQuilt, which is suitable for commercial quilt makers compatible with all devices.

PreQuilt Market

PreQuilt Market Plan offers everything included in the free demo and more. You can create and save unlimited quilts, ideal for busy quilters or communal use of the software.

Promote Your Design

A huge bonus of the PreQuilt Market Plan is your quilt designs can get promoted in their PreQuilt marketplace, which will help direct interest to your quilt shop!

Personalize Your Design

Quilters are able to use the digital coloring page to create their own versions by choosing colors to reflect their own style and when they are happy with it they can then choose to buy the quilt pattern directly from you.

All sales and profits will stay with you – PreQuilt doesn’t then charge any transaction or linking fees!

Electric Quilt 8

Electric Quilt 8

Electric Quilt 8 is an upgraded version of EQ and EQ 7, and is suitable for quilters of all levels.

Electric Quilt 8

The EQ (Electric Quilt Company) quilting software is suitable for quilters who have never used a quilt design program before. Electric Quilt Company offers free quilt design software classes online so you can really get to grips with your product, and make full use of the quilt design options.


You can swap and rotate blocks and play around with different color patterns to keep you inspired.

It’s got a friendly user interface to encourage faster learning and ease of use, it gives you a quilt designs preview and applique patch maker tools, to keep creating shapes fun.

Design Library

There’s over 1,500 new blocks copyright free for you to use and 6,200 new fabrics in the fabric library.

If you own an older version of EQ software, you can contact the company to ask about special pricing for an upgrade to Electric Quilt 8. The software will work with Windows and Mac computers.

Quilters Creative Design

Grace Quilters Creative Design Software

Grace Quilters Software lets you design your very own quilt and pantograph from the comfort of your own home, compatible with Windows and Mac.

Grace Quilters Creative Design Software

You can design and print out custom sized pantographs onto graph paper and individual blocks all from your home computer with this software. You can easily design an entire quilt layout from over 200 foundation patterns in the block library, or straight from your own creative mind!

Customize Your Designs

Alter the quilt block design as many times as you like until you are happy with the finished design of the pantograph, or choose from a collection of templates and stitch patterns built in.

This software features a panto stacker, which has a quick and easy pantograph layout with powerful row placement options. It will work on any Windows product including tablets.

What Is Quilt Design Software?

Quilt Assistant Interface
Quilt Assistant Interface

Quilting really requires a lot of sewing and math skills as well as a creative spark. The best quilt design software makes life easier, by providing you with quilt block templates and patterns from a built in block library and tools so you can begin designing blocks of your own.

Helps You With Calculation

Design software will perform calculations such as determining how much fabrics you need, and exact measurements for cutting out pattern pieces for the top. You can often upload your own designs, your own fabrics, or choose fabrics from their fabric store, play around with color arrangement to foresee the end result.

Sometimes quilt software will even show you how to use your sewing machine specifically for quilting. Most good software will provide a preview option so you can see exactly what your quilt will look like before you cut blocks.

What Is The Best Quilt Design Software?

Electric Quilt 8 (EQ8) Beginner Quilt Design Lesson

The best quilt design software is Electric Quilt 8 software. It’s currently the dominating software for quilters, as it helps to make the most advanced quilts with all of the design tools, thousands of patterns and complete quilt templates.


It’s a one off payment of $240, which includes an undeniable plethora of features to make it the best. It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac and has a vast library of complete quilting stencils and block templates for you to select from.

During your quilt project, you can also make your own block design and draft basic shapes into your quilt block.

Fabric Library

It has thousands of fabrics included in the library, but you can also add your own fabric too! It’s perfect for a professional quilt maker, and those who are thinking of beginning a quilt business.


Designing the intricate shapes and patterns of a quilt takes a long time. I’m blown away when I think back to the process of quilt making even 100 years ago! The time it must have taken to create these pieces of artwork is unimaginable.

Whilst it is a learning curve, I think quilt design software is really useful to help simplify the quilt making process, and can certainly improve your quilt making skills.

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