Kris Daub
Kris Daub
Editor at bycurated.com

Kristine here – feel free to call me Kris! 

I am the founder of byCurated, where my amazing team and I work to get artists, crafters, and maker extraordinaires of all levels of experience… well… making more! I genuinely believe that the crazy world that we live in could benefit from the beautiful work of handcrafters and artists alike! 

If you agree, then I would love for you to join our awesome family of weird, quirky, and talented individuals who have come together to change the world, one magnificent creation at a time! 

The Power of Art

Art has the power to touch people in a way that cannot be described. Whether it is music, canvas, writing, or craft, there’s simply nothing else that has power over people like the beauty of art. 

Art has saved countless people, filling seemingly unfillable voids in their lives with vibrant colors, resonant music, and soulfully written words. 

This power should not be hoarded. Much like a candle lighting another, we lose none of this power by sharing it with others. This is the main reason that I started byCurated, to pass this undying flame from my wick to yours! 

My only condition: once the flame is burning in you, you must pass it to others in the same way. 

The benefit of an Art-filled life

Whether you’re a stockbroker or a nursery school teacher, you can benefit from the wonderful world of crafting. Artful practices afford us the opportunity to let go of the stress of the world around us and funnel our energy into a positive result that benefits our souls. 

There are so many reasons that we may need to let loose and so few vices that lead to a positive outcome, that creativity is a critical skill that must be taught. 

We don’t restrict our perception of an art-filled life here either. 

We consider interior design, landscaping, arts, craft, and any other form of self-expression as outlets for our readers and ensure that we incorporate these elements into every post that we write. Though we may focus on one or the other for a topic related post, make no mistake, we promote all forms of creativity!

Empowering the Artist in Everyone

As the talented artist, Henry Matisse once said, “Creativity takes courage.” Not all of us have that courage within us or perhaps lack the courage to share our creations with the world. Here at byCurated, we say “NONSENSE!” No matter how you express yourself, your expression should be gifted to the world. I consider it my personal mission to equip every reader with the tools, or, as Leon Trotsky put it, “the hammer” that they can use to shape the world around them.

It is no secret the world around us could use a bit of reshaping and that doesn’t start with politicians or business leaders, but rather the artists amongst us, the artist in every single one of us. 

If you are a budding artist or crafter lacking the courage to take the leap to pursue your passion, then you should make yourself home here more so than anyone else. Believe me, you will find our posts will help you build that much-needed courage!

Turning Your Passion to Profit

Another area of focus for us here at byCurated is to help fervent crafters, artists, and makers to turn their passion into a profit – be it liveable or simply as a self-sustainable hobby. From market days to full-blown shopfronts, our legacy is not intended to be our own, but rather the legacy of those we assist in finding their footing in creating a profitable, sustainable venture of their craft. 

Our insights, tips, and guides have helped countless bootstrap business owners get started. My genuine desire is for this to continue, with the only difference being the volume of people who use our guidance as a starting point for their journey! 

The Essential Art of Sustainability 

Beyond artful empowerment, we believe that we owe the world not only our art but also a conscientiousness that enacts change. For this reason, you will note that we promote sustainability in all our works. Even the brands that we work with are carefully handpicked to ensure that they meet the strict criteria we consider vital. 

Each product review, every guide, and all tips are done with a greener future in mind. If you are serious about sustainability, then we welcome you with open arms! 

It may be an overused expression, but truly, we do not inherit the earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children.

I take our responsibility to future generations very seriously and consider it my duty to ensure that we protect (and restore) the earth so that those that come after us receive something worth treasuring. The change required occurs with every small action we take, and I hope that we help you begin doing those small things! 

The Beginning of Something Brilliant 

If you like what you have seen here, get in touch with me directly by filling out the contact form on our Contact Us page! I have made sure that all questions, queries, requests, and insights come to my email address directly so that you know your voice is heard. If you would like to reach out to discuss how you can benefit from art or how you can start to benefit from the rewards of your art, reach out. 

Alternatively, if you want to get the fastest answers to your questions, take a look at the posts available on our home page, or make use of our custom search bar. You may find just what you’re looking for straight away. 

I hope that you become an active member of our community!

Until I see you again – Kris.  

Kristine Daub
Editor at bycurated.com