The Best Baby Sewing Patterns For Beginners (2024)

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Kris Daub
Published by Kris Daub | Senior Editor
Last updated: November 30, 2023
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Am I the only one who thinks baby clothes are far too expensive? Considering how quickly they grow you could be spending a small fortune every month. I can’t believe how quickly my niece grows on a daily basis I swear! So, what if you could sew your own baby clothes yourself?

Not only is sewing baby clothes a wonderful thing to do for your own family, homemade baby clothes make one of the best gifts at a baby shower (tried AND tested!)

Here is a list of some of the cutest baby sewing patterns around!

Why make your own baby clothes?

newborn white dress on a hanger
Newborn White Dress on a Hanger

A baby grows and changes shape so quickly and so dressing your ever growing babies can be expensive.

Learning how to sew your own baby clothes is not only economic, but it’s a sure way for your baby to be comfortable and able to move around – we all know a baby is happiest when they are comfortable!

Because baby clothes are so small to sew, you can often use up your scraps of material, and the project comes together so quickly! And, if that’s not enough for you to hoik out your sewing machine then know your baby could be the most stylish of all the babies at kindergarten!

Is it hard to sew your own baby clothes?

Most baby sewing projects are pretty easy to sew as long as you have some staple items in your collection. Velcro, poppers and buttons are all imperative for sewing baby clothes.

Most patterns are very simple to follow, and you can always cover any mistakes with a cute bow or ruffle cos’ babies look even more adorable and juicy in ruffles! A cute dress is a pretty simple baby sewing pattern to start with and you can easily find a tutorial online to follow.

What fabric is best for bibs?

Organic cotton is my 100% favorite choice for sewing baby bibs, as it’s soft and highly absorbent – plus it’s grown without the use of chemicals and fertilizers! It’s going to be comfortable for the baby; machine washable (win!) and cotton fabrics retain their color over time. I also love sewing bibs with cotton, I find it easier to press and work with.

The Best and Easiest Baby Sewing Patterns

Simplicity Babies' Knit Romper

Baby Romper

One of the cutest things to dress your baby in. This romper baby sewing pattern is fashioned with top and bottom snaps.

Baby Romper

You will never be able to deny that a baby looks their best in a romper! A romper is one of the cutest things to dress your baby in.

This romper baby sewing pattern is fashioned with top and bottom snaps for easy access to the little one, and helps give lots of room for any wriggler. This baby sewing Pattern B from the four patterns included is made with ruffled cuffs on the legs.

Fabrics suggested are stretch knits, jersey, single knit and stretch velvet. The sewing pattern and tutorial is suitable for a confident beginner.

Bandana Bib

Baby Bib

Very simple but adorable. A great way to use up scraps of fabric, this pattern is fun to make and easy for absolute beginners.

Baby Bib

Of course this list couldn’t be complete without a baby bib, this one also known as a bandana bib. No matter how many burp cloths you have on hand, cleaning up remnants of food from those little ones who have managed to throw it all over themselves is never a fun process – especially not in a car seat!

This is an adorable and reversible baby pattern and doesn’t cost a cent from Elemeno. This simple sewing baby pattern is great for using up your scraps of fabric, and would be suited to cotton knit or woven fabrics. You will need velcro, buttons or snaps for closure to follow this pattern.

This is great fun for an absolute beginner sewing baby, you should be able to make this baby pattern in around an hour!


Leftover fabric from patterns for baby bibs could be used with an easy tutorial pattern to sew baby burp cloths.
Bobbins & Buttons Lee Kids T-Shirt Pattern

Child and Baby T-Shirt

An adorable unisex crew neck, semi-fitted t-shirt for babies and children that is easy to make even for beginners.

Child and Baby T-Shirt

This an adorable semi fitted crew neck unisex t-shirt pattern for a baby or children. You could dress a whole clan of toddlers and other miniature baby friends, as the pattern sizes are from 12 months all the way up to 12 years!

You could make several of these fun baby t-shirts so they would be suitable year long. The baby pattern offers options of long and short sleeves for seasonal wear.

The suitable fabrics for this pattern are jerseys with at least a 50% stretch such as cotton/ elastane, or vices/elastane jersey. I love to use a cute baby print fabric for this sew project.

Sewing project rookie, I recommend this project for you!

Qualicum Bag

Diaper Bag

A customized bag for keeping your baby’s essential items.

Diaper Bag

When going out with a baby, the list of essential baby items are nearly endless (am I right?!) That’s why a diaper bag is so helpful.

A baby diaper bag is better to sew yourself than buy (I know I’m biased). You can choose your own cute fabric, and then get to customize the design of the bag based upon your needs such as inner compartments, pockets, adjustable strap – or keep it simple without any complex details.

An Inexpensive Sewing Project

Diaper bags can be inexpensive to make with a good pattern and an easy tutorial. To help your bag stand up you can sew with a thicker fabric such as canvas, or line a lighter weight fabric with an interfacing.

There are so many different bag sewing patterns to choose from but this Qualicum bag pattern with plenty of pockets and choice of cross body strap or over shoulders is my favorite! You could make two of these patterns and leave one by the baby car seat.

Nolan Knot Baby Hat

Nolan Knot Baby Hat

A baby hat not only for cuteness but also for protection. Sewing beginners will find this little hat easy to create.

Nolan Knot Baby Hat

This sewing pattern gets my beginner stamp of approval, this little hat is easy for any sewing rookie to make.

A little baby’s head can get cold very easily, it’s important to dress this part of the baby’s body to protect their brain. This little Nolan baby hat pattern for a baby is one of the sweetest things I have ever seen!

You’ll want to make sure you are using a cute fabric with more than a slight stretch with this sewing pattern, such as a lycra cotton blend or jersey. The fabric should stretch by 10 – 20%.

If the fabric is very stretchy, make sure to make the size a little smaller when cutting out the pattern…

If the fabric is very stretchy, make sure to make the size a little smaller when cutting out the pattern to ensure a snug fit for a baby.

This fun baby sewing pattern is available for download from 0 months all the way up to 2 years.

Sandcastle Bucket Hat

Sandcastle Bucket Hat

A gorgeous bucket hat that is reversible and with a wide brim for sun or rain protection.

Sandcastle Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are timeless fashion items and worn by everyone from old school ravers and trendy teens, all the way to cute babies. Children often aspire to look like their parents, and what better way than in a matching bucket hat. In fact, you could make a hat for your whole family with this pattern!

This gorgeous Sandcastle Bucket Hat is a reversible bucket hat, with a wide brim for sun (or rain) protection.

I recommend using cottons, chambray, quilting, Jersey, lycra or lawn for this pattern, but you could use a water resistant fabric to use all year round! This pattern I would say may take a confident sewer around half a day to make. You could use a water resistant fabric to use all year round!

This is a free pattern in PDF format to download.

Elemeno Basic Leggings

Baby Leggings

Versatile and provides comfort and warmth. This is another super easy pattern to follow at beginner level.

Baby Leggings

Leggings are the best aren’t they!? They have unmatched versatility and provide comfort and warmth. They pull down and pull up so easily making potty training and bathroom breaks easy peasy for kids!

This basic child and baby leggings pattern is another super easy pattern to follow at beginner level. A quick sew, versatile and comfy for little ones every day wear.


These pants look good sized up! If you make a bigger baby size for a child, they will look more like skinny pants rather than leggings, which will be grown into!

Fabrics best used for this are stretch cotton fabric, jersey or scuba.

Cloth Diapers

Cloth Diapers

A super cute reusable diaper that protects your baby against chemicals. Making this sewing project is easy, and it is eco-friendly as well.

Cloth Diapers

A new baby needs their diaper changed more often than I can blink! The thought of sewing diapers might seem a little daunting cas they sit around an extra precious part of a baby, but you can find an easy free tutorial online to follow. These are one of the best things to sew for baby and new mum!

An Eco-Friendly Sewing Project

Homemade diapers have become popular baby sewing projects in recent years, most likely because of concerns about the environment and the ease of use!

In the US, an estimated 20 billion tonnes of disposable diapers get sent to landfill every year, which is why reusable diapers are an obvious choice to turn away from convenience.

The multi-winged cloth diaper free pattern comes in different baby sizes and therefore you will need to follow different sized patterns, or there is a fitted diaper free pattern here, which is fastened with clips and poppers – suuuper cute!

Suitable Material

You can find lots of healthy choices like organic materials that aren’t covered in nasty chemicals such as hemp, bamboo and cotton. Your own cloth diapers will be free from absorbent gel crystals and other nasty chemicals.

If you need a guide for this sewing project, watch this video below.

How To Sew A Cloth Diaper
Pretty Pastels Log Cabin Baby Quilt

Baby Blanket

Baby blankets provide warmth and add a vibrant touch to a neutral nursery. This is a fantastic project for beginners to start with.

Baby Blanket

A baby blanket is so satisfying and pretty easy to sew at home. They can add vibrancy to a neutral baby nursery decor, and make the greatest gifts ever!

A baby blanket is usually a fantastic project for beginners to start with, and if you follow this free pattern you may be able to get it finished in a few hours.

Fabric is important to consider in all sewing for a baby…

Fabric is important to consider in all sewing for a baby, cotton blend is really nice as it will feel super soft on a little baby’s skin. I like to use flannel sometimes, or a really soft towel as backing.

This blanket is more of a quilt style blanket, rather than a knitted baby’s blanket. My favorite sewing style, applique, can be employed. You can sew creative and adorn with all kinds of adorable and fun patterns! This is a free pattern of a baby blanket which can be downloaded.

Crafty Kooka Owl with appliqué detailing

Children’s Toy

A cute and unique sewing project that will bring a smile to the face of little boys and girls when they receive it.

Children’s Toy

I have fallen head over heels with this adorable owl soft toy pattern by Crafty Kooka.

It’s totally unique, cute and imaginative and I can only imagine the face of a little baby girl when they receive this! The appliqué detailing looks incredible in different colors and could be coordinated to a nursery or match curtains.

You will definitely need wool felt for the detail in the feathers and around the eyes. Other fabrics could be quilting, cotton or fleece. You can applique by hand sewing or use your machine to applique baby sewing projects.


For this beautiful creation you will need toy stuffing and safety eyes. It would be suitable for supervised cuddles or an ornament to brighten up a nursery.

You can find the baby sewing pattern and tutorial for this soft owl toy online.


There you have my favorite baby sewing projects – most of them are suitable for a beginner to sew. All of them are fun to make!

Help out a new mom by sewing her a great gift she and the baby will treasure forever! I have just scratched the surface of easy diy patterns, and you may be able to find other in depth patterns with a tutorial online.

What are your favorite baby sewing patterns? Do you have a sewing pattern storage where you keep your favorite patterns? I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below, and while you’re here, why not share with someone who is thinking about baby sewing patterns or having a baby!

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