11 Great Bag Sewing Patterns To Try (2024)

Featured Image - BC-0061 - bag sewing patterns 2
Featured Image – BC-0061 – bag sewing patterns 2
Kris Daub
Published by Kris Daub | Senior Editor
Last updated: November 30, 2023
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Have you already registered for your new year gym membership but realized you don’t have a bag that will fit your change of clothes? Not ready to start up some plus size sewing patterns? That was me at the start of 2024.

So I made my own!

Listen, 2022 can’t only be about getting fit and joining a gym, so why not start a new hobby? How about sewing? If you’re like me and love bags, get making your own.

I can almost hear you saying ‘Who me?.. I can’t sew bags”, but trust me, there are plenty of bag sewing patterns in this collection that are suitable for a novice. I’ve found some of the best bag sewing patterns for all your 2022 adventures.

11 Best Bag Sewing Patterns


The Huxley Bag Pattern

A convertible backpack; crossbody bag that is perfect for urban adventurers.

The Huxley Bag Pattern

The Huxley bag is a convertible backpack; crossbody bag and Kennedy bag look alike. It can be used on bikes; hikes and in cars – perfect for an adventurer.

This is actually 12 different bag patterns so you have the ultimate freedom of creation to incorporate pockets; straps and a zipper. Think of it as paying for one and getting 11 free bag sewing patterns!


The largest bag will fit a 13” laptop, while the smallest bag measures a tablet size, just enough room for your essentials which is great so you don’t over pack.

These bag patterns are for those of you who have used sewing patterns before, so I don’t recommend it for a total beginner.


Ava Tote Bag Pattern

An easy and practical tote bag to sew, that can be used for your weekly shop, or for a night out if you’re into funky fashion.

Ava Tote Bag Pattern

Ava Tote Bag pattern

An Ava bag is an easy and practical tote bag to sew, that can be used for your weekly shop, or for a night out if you’re into funky fashion.

You have no excuse not to try to make this bag, as the pattern is totally beginner friendly; uses less than a meter of fabric, and can be sewn in 1 hour.


These styles of bags have a structured and stable finish with a boxy bottom which is useful when you want items to stay upright in your bag (ehem..bottle of wine..).

You have the choice of two bags that are included in these patterns: the first is a classic tote bag, and the second includes a block color effect if you’re feeling bold.

Both bags have the finished dimension of 12” x 14”.


Madeline Tote Bag Pattern

A bag pattern suitable for a beginner. This pattern comes in three sizes, all with a fully-lined interior and exterior pocket.

Madeline Tote Bag Pattern

The Madeline tote bag pattern is another bag pattern suitable for a beginner. The pattern comes in three sizes, all with a fully-lined interior and exterior pocket.

This bag is a winner for me purely for the size – I love big bags! It’s spacious enough for a weekend getaway; laptops, cameras and small tripods, but folds up snugly to fit in your car dashboard ready for an unexpected shopping trip.


The finished size varies – version A: 18” x 20” x 6”, version B 19” x 13 7/8” x 4” and version C, 23” x 14 7/8” x 4”.

Suggested fabrics are heavyweight materials to hold shape such as sturdy denim and corduroy. Make sure to use a suitable needle on your sewing machine when working with thicker fabrics.


One and a Half Bag Pattern

The perfect carry on companion for the 2022 holiday you WILL go on this year!

One and a Half Bag Pattern

This one and half bag makes the perfect carry on companion for the 2022 holiday you WILL go on this year!

This oversized bag pattern is made with two sets of handles: the vertical webbing handles for an easy hold, and a horizontal handle which perfectly tucks away the bigger sides of the bag (to fit under a plane seat!).

This is another great pattern suitable for beginners.


Suggested materials are cotton canvas, a light denim, or a softer look linen would work well too. The finished measurements are 21.7″ x 24.4″, not including the handles.

I like matching handles and fabric for a discreet finish, but you can add a distinct twist and use coloured webbing handles when you sew.


Melilot Guro Bag Pattern

A stylish, multi-functional bag that can be used for different purposes.

Melilot Guro Bag Pattern

The guro bag is one of my favorite sewing bag patterns at the moment due to its exquisite round zipper closure and sturdy sides. It looks like a high end designer bag.

It is multi-functional; you could use this for many things from a diaper / nursing bag, to a stationary or sewing bag.

Skill Level

This cute sewing bag pattern is for a confident beginner, as it’s worth noting the pattern does not include a seam allowance.

It will require a trip to your haberdashery for the rings for the adjustable strap, interfacing and the different fabric for the lining.


These bag sewing patterns come in two different sizes: a small 8.3″ x 9″ and the bigger pattern 9.9″ x 13”.


Frankie and Faye Fanny Pack Bag Pattern

A versatile and very portable bag that you can use for your daily tasks.

Frankie and Faye Fanny Pack Bag Pattern

Did fanny packs ever really leave, to make a comeback? They’re fun timeless pieces of fashion and this cute pattern is no exception.

The Frankie and Faye Fanny Pack comes in two different shapes which can be made either mini or maxi. These are bag sewing patterns for those with a little practice who want to step it up!


Frankie is the standard bumbag shape with an oval base, rectangular face and top zipper.

There’s the option to add a front pocket, the belt can be attached with either one or two loops for different wearability – over the shoulder or wrapped around the waist – you decide.

Recommended fabrics are corduroy, denim, canvas but you can sew with anything really, just have fun.


Marjorie Sling Bag Pattern

A cute bag that could quickly turn into the only bag you’ll ever need for everyday life!

Marjorie Sling Bag Pattern

The Marjorie sling bag has the honor of being the first bag pattern by the designer Hey June. This cute bag could quickly turn into the only bag you’ll ever need for everyday life!


It can be a crossbody bag keeping your hands free for parent life or other activities such as shopping or biking.

The adjustable handle means you can cinch it so it will sit in one place for wearability.

You will need a couple of zippers for this bag, one for closure of the main space and the other for an inside pocket.


Measurements are 15.5″ tall, 10″ wide, and 16″ deep.

Think minimal with plenty of space – you can fit your keys and hair pins in the pocket, but a change of clothes and a laptop in the holdall.

I’d say this is suitable for a confident beginner as the bag pattern download includes a tutorial and notes.


Ellipse Bag Pattern

A beautiful minimalist bag with a zip compartment to keep valuables inside.

Ellipse Bag Pattern

I think this is one of the most minimalist and beautiful bags around for bag making at home. It is fully lined with bound edges for a neat look. The zip compartment inside keeps essentials at the ready.

This bag doesn’t require a big trip to your local haberdashery and could be made by spending a few dollars on some fabric in a thrift store.

Skill Level

This pattern is suitable for a confident beginner, so if you’re looking for a large but fold down small bag for personal use, this could be the pattern for you.

Recommended fabrics are corduroy, leather, suede or if you’re feeling spicy, fake fur. The pattern comes with a 14 page tutorial and instruction booklet.


I usually will line my bags with a bright patterned fabric and use a plain block color for the outside, or vice versa. If I’m adding pockets, I will match the lining but the outside of the pocket with the outer layer of the bag for some added pizzazz.


Flo Duffle Bag and Bucket Bag Pattern

This pattern includes 2 options to choose from depending on your style and needs.

Flo Duffle Bag and Bucket Bag Pattern

Go with the Flo for this 2-in-1 totally timeless bag pattern.


The first pattern is a duffle bag which can be cylinder or square – your preference (I like the round duffle bag pattern best). It has carry handles, an attached shoulder handle and inner pockets to stay organized.

The second is a lined bucket bag handbag which can be made with or without a flap closure and stays shut with magnets. The bucket bag has a round bottom and a simple strap attached to the side. From afar it could be mistaken for an oriole bag.


Both the bucket and duffle bag can be made in either mini or maxi size. This pattern is designed for sewers with a little experience. You may find tutorials to help online.


Arlene Gym Bag Pattern

A convenient bag with a spacious interior great for the gym and other sports activities.

Arlene Gym Bag Pattern

This cylinder shaped bag has a zipper, side and center pockets, with central straps.

The one sized spacious interior has enough room for your gym shoes; and a change of clothes for your sports practice after work.

This is in the category of bag sewing patterns for a confident beginner.


Suggested fabrics are medium-weight woven fabrics such as cotton, denim and canvas, you can also use a medium weight fabric such as gabardine for the pockets or a non-stretch mesh. The finished size of this product is 34” x 20.5” x 20”.

It may take a few hours to make, but you won’t be disappointed when you’ve got the best holdall at the gym.


You can get really creative with contrasting color schemes and fabric patterns on your bags, or keep it all simple with the same block color.


Flying Geese Bucket Bag Pattern

A versatile bag with a fun, colorful design. Great for travel and perfect addition to your summer photos.

Flying Geese Bucket Bag Pattern

This free sewing pattern is pretty versatile and would make an awesome gift! It is an easy luggage sleeve made from multi-coloured fabrics to represent a swirling sunrise or sunset.

This super cute bag could be a gift for kids. This free sewing pattern is so fun, it can be made with a palate of solid colors, or an orphan block panel created from one solid piece of material.

Skill Level

The geese are created with paper piecing, which is a technique used when making quilt blocks (it’s really easy I promise). This free sewing project is suitable for a total beginner, and the size of the bag is roughly 20″ x 34″.

Can a beginner sew a bag?

Sewing a Bag
Sewing a Bag

Absolutely! Even Karl Lagerfield for Coco Chanel was a beginner and had to start making bag sewing patterns from somewhere.

With the infinite free bag patterns online you have a huge amount of support at your fingertips.

Which bag sewing patterns are the easiest for a total beginner?

Starting Out

Bags are my favorite thing to sew, but I too was once a total beginner.

In my experience, the easiest bag sewing patterns for a beginner are tote bags.

The simple straight lines are perfect for a newbie getting used to their sewing machine, or someone who wants to play around with bag sewing patterns.


The bag patterns are very easy to follow and you can definitely find a video tutorial on YouTube.

They don’t take very long to make and they’re great gifts. If you decide to keep your handiwork you can take it everywhere from work, the school run sports and shopping.

How do you make a bag sewing pattern?

You can make your own bag pattern for free by making a template of your favorite bag.

Examine the bag, and take careful measurements of each panel that you can see. 

Draw out the measurements exactly onto some pattern paper. Make sure to add a seam allowance of around 1/2″.

An alternative would be to lay the bag directly onto pattern paper and trace around each panel using a tracing wheel, again adding a seam allowance of around 1/2″.


When making a pattern for the handles, use a measuring tape to get the length and width of the handle or strap.

The handle will need around an inch extra in width and around 2” in length as it will be folded with the raw edges hidden and then sewn and attached.

You can find plenty of bag sewing patterns tutorials with sewing tips online – play around with different patterns.


You can play around with the pattern of your favorite bag by adding different size and shape handles.

Can you make a bag without sewing?

Bag Hanging on a Rack
Bag Hanging on a Rack

Believe it or not, it is possible to create a bag without any sewing or sewing patterns – there’s hope for us all! 

You won’t make a sturdy backpack nonetheless; – the perfect sewing patterns lie in the depths of your wardrobe as t-shirts.

Mini tutorial:

Cut the sleeves off identically and create a large U-shape around the neck.

Then turn the shirt inside out with the base matching, and make a fringe of slits about 1/2″ wide. Then tie the strips together in a knot and turn your bag inside out.

There you have a super cute tote style bag without any sewing or fuss with bag patterns!

This is a really fun project for kids that can be done in less than an hour, and doesn’t involve any bag sewing! You can find free tutorials for different types of no-sew bags and patterns online.


After some practice you could gift homemade patterns to a friend who loves to sew.


Bags are my favorite thing to sew, I have a lot of bag patterns in my pattern organizer, and I literally make them as gifts for everyone (who doesn’t love a free bag?!).

From this list of bag sewing patterns, you can find them fun or modest, a project for kids or a present for a friend.

Feel Free To Share!

I hope you’ve found a bag sewing tutorial here that you’re going to make. Don’t forget there’s an abundance of free patterns, tutorials online, and even subscription boxes for you to use. You can even make sewing patterns from your old clothes.

For the more adventurous among you, I wrote an article on the best pattern making software you can use here.

While you’re here, share this awesome list with a friend who loves bags as much as I do! Happy sewing!