Top Mini Sewing Machine of 2024: Reviewed and Compared

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Kris Daub
Published by Kris Daub | Senior Editor
Last updated: November 30, 2023
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The affordability and simplicity of mini sewing machines make them a wonderful choice for people of all ages and skill levels. 

Whether you’re looking for a beginner friendly, simple sewing machine, want a travel sized model, or even purchase a gift for a child, a mini sewing machine is a portable alternative to a heavy sewing machine.

And on top of all that, they’re fun to use! 

I’ve reviewed 7 of the best mini sewing machines on the market today to help you make the best choice for basic sewing.

Which mini sewing machine is for me? 

It can be difficult to find a portable sewing machine with all the features you need or want.

Some are too flimsy and others just don’t have the X factor.

Before we head to the full lineup, here are three of the best mini sewing machines from the review..

Top Pick

Luby Sewing Machine

Good for sewist who are looking for a compact machine with features of a slightly larger device.

Luby Sewing Machine

The Luby sewing machine is my choice as best for beginners out of all the mini sewing machines I have reviewed.

With a full range of user-friendly features and a lightweight model design, it is perfect for anyone who’s just started sewing and for more advanced sewers looking for easy portability. 

You can really expand your creative potential with this easy to use portable sewing machine.


This machine weighs only 6lbs, so you might not even notice you are carrying it attached to a bicycle or in your bag.

The machine comes with two different speed controls too, which is good for any new sewists.

You shouldn’t have to worry about breaking the bank before you’ve found out if you want to stick with sewing as a craft.

Best Mini Sewing Machine

Michley LSS 202 Lil Sew n’ Sew

An affordable super small sewing machine good for quick repairs.

Michley LSS 202 Lil Sew n’ Sew

The best mini sewing machine there is the Michley Lil Sew n’ Sew 22. It will sew through materials from denim to silk, making this a game changer in the world of small portable sewing machines.

The accessory pack comes with 4 bobbins, a foot pedal, needle, and threader. 


It can be used either with batteries or a power source.

Weighing in at less than 2lbs, this is the most lightweight machine I could find!

It’s affordable, and you have the option to purchase a warranty protection plan cover with the machine.

It just might be the best mini sewing machine there is on the market. 

Best Portable Mini Sewing Machine

Magicfly Mini

Super portable Dust proof bag provided Extension table included

Magicfly Mini

The best portable sewing machine is the Magicfly Mini sewing machine.

At only 3.94lbs, it’s one of the lightest and easiest machines to use.

It comes with two speed settings, and a choice of three colors.


The dust proof bag provided will help to keep the machine and help it enjoy a longer life. It comes with a generous 12 built in stitches.

It also comes with batteries and a power cord and can be used whether or not there is an electric outlet available.


It produces straight stitches only, but has a double thread design, great for providing durable results on any project.

It is one of the best mini sewing machines on the market, especially if you plan to take it to craft fairs or to sewing classes.

Best Handheld Mini Sewing Machine

SINGER 01664 Stitch Sew Quick

A light machine that can be easily transported in a small bag, perfect for on the job emergencies or last minute alterations.

SINGER 01664 Stitch Sew Quick

Ok, so while mini sewing machines are useful for creating projects on the go, believe it or not you can buy useful hand held sewing machines for things like fashion shows and quick mending when out and about.

After heavy research, I think the best handheld mini sewing machine is the Singer 01664 Stitch Sew Quick 2 Handheld mending machine.


While it only weighs 1lb, this light Singer sewing machine is easily transported in a small bag, perfect for on the job emergencies or last minute alterations.

It has a dual thread feed with automatic winding function and dual speed control. 


This Singer mini sewing machine is cordless, meaning it’s easy to maneuver and useful for quick sewing repairs that require a straight stitch. 

While hand held sewing machines can be great to use for basic repairs, I find them fatiguing to use for making something large or complicated to work with.

However, Singer has found a way to make it easy on the hands, at least relatively!

Top Mini Sewing Machines

Singer 1304 Start

A good machine for beginners and hobbyists, with features like a removable extension table and an all metal frame for durability.

Singer 1304 Start

Let’s start with the Singer Start 1304 portable machine.

It comes with 6 basic stitch applications, and 57 applications total.

The stitch length and width have been pre-set at 5mm to save you the guesswork when sewing.

Although it is compact, it will stitch at 350 – 400 stitches per minute, pretty good for a little machine and for making small projects!


This Singer is a good machine for beginners and hobbyists, with features like a removable extension table and an all metal frame for durability during faster, high production sewing.

Singer also make some of the best embroidery units if you’re in the market for those.

It has an easy to use reverse sewing lever for backstitching your projects to prevent unravelling. 


It comes with a four step buttonhole feature and three presser feet – an all purpose walking foot, zipper, and buttonhole foot.

There’s a removable extension table for larger projects, although the machine is compact enough to carry in a bag to a sewing class or use in smaller spaces.


An LED light illuminates the workspace and gives you a clear view when you start sewing, all while eliminating shadows. Instructions are on the machine to help wind top drop in bobbin system.


  • Unit dimensions: 13” x 7” x 11.5”
  • Weight: 7lbs
  • Built in stitches: 6
  • Speed: 400 spm


  • Free arm
  • Four step buttonhole
  • Reverse lever


  • Pre-set length and width.

Brother CS5055

A computerized sewing machine that comes with 60 stitches and lots of features that are helpful for beginner sewing.

Brother CS5055

The Brother CS5055 comes with 60 stitches and lots of features that are helpful for beginner sewing. 


The stitch thread selection is visible on the compact computerized LCD touch screen, where you can choose from decorative stitches to embellish the wardrobe as well as 7 auto-sized buttonholes and a zig-zag for simple sewing on stretch fabrics.


This model will sew on thicker fabrics such as denim and tweed with a strong feed dogs system.

It can be dropped, too, for free motion sewing.

It has an automatic needle threader, a thread cutter, and a top loading bobbin winding system, making thread changes even easier. 

Free Arm

The free arm is used to sew any cylindrical projects, and the machine has a throat space around 6 x 4” wide so you can squeeze any size sewing projects under the needle plate when you’re on the move.

This with the handle makes it an easy model to transport to a sewing class. It will also fit nicely onto a desk space, weighing at only 13lbs. 


  • Unit dimensions: 16.2” x 6.7” x 12.2”
  • Weight: 13.9lbs
  • Built in stitches: 60
  • Speed: 850 spm


  • LCD display
  • 7 presser feet included
  • Large work area


  • Mostly plastic parts
  • Dim light

Top Pick

Luby Sewing Machine

Good for sewist who are looking for a compact machine with features of a slightly larger device.

Luby Sewing Machine

Next we’ll look at the Luby mini sewing machine – one of the best sewing machines with a double thread.

Although the brand isn’t that well known, there are a lot of online resources for this machine to help guide you through setup and using the machine for small sewing projects. 


This sewing machine is good for those who are looking for a compact machine with features of a slightly larger device. Lots of other portable sewing machines don’t come with an LED light nor other features, such as a removable auxiliary table for a bigger work space.


The mini machine itself is not really that much bigger than a textbook, and it comes with a simple aesthetic with a few designs of nature patterns on the front.

It is a mechanical machine with dials and levers rather than having an LCD screen or computer elements included.


An automatic needle threader and thread cutter are rarely seen on small sewing machines, but this one has them! It’s operated with a pedal and is packaged with 2 needles.

The 12 stitches are plenty on this small machine, as you won’t be making huge projects with it. Helpfully, this comes with a 4 step buttonhole presser, 3 presser feet and a seam ripper. 


  • Unit dimensions: 11.4” x 5.1” x 9.6”
  • Weight: 6lbs
  • Stitches built in: 12
  • Speed: 350 spm


  • Affordable
  • Sliding lever to activate the light
  • Two different speed settings


  • Confusing manual
  • No protective case

Best Portable Mini Sewing Machine

Magicfly Mini Sewing Machine

A small battery-powered mini sewing machine that you can easily carry anywhere you want to sew.

Magicfly Mini Sewing Machine

The Magicfly Mini is probably the cutest small sewing machine I’ve ever seen in my life.

Seriously, you want to put it in your pocket!

It’s a small battery powered mini sewing machine, meaning you can use it anywhere in the world as long as you have a charge.

You can choose from three different colors: blue, white, and pink, my favorite!


It comes with a 42 piece accessory bundle kit, which is probably larger than the compact machine itself.

It has a removable auxiliary table, which offers two types of sewing either with or without the table and a light to illuminate the work space.

A needle guard will protect your fingers from damaging the needle, since it can be fiddly to operate sometimes! 


The bobbin is located on the front of this machine, something you’d typically not find on a domestic sewing machine.

It has two stitch speed selections, either a high or low speed setting for the user to play around with.

The agile foot pedal can be used softly with a hand or with a foot. 


It’s an easy to thread model, with number by number instructions guiding you to the needle and automatic bobbin winder.

It’s a really excellent option for a beginner sewing machine.


  • Unit dimensions: 12” x 11” x 9.5”
  • Weight: 3.94lbs
  • Stitches built in: 12
  • Speed: 2 settings – high or low (fabric dependent).


  • Super portable
  • Extension table included
  • Dust proof bag provided


  • Battery powered – 4 x AA batteries
  • Super lightweight could get damaged easily

Janome Fastlane Fuschia

A portable and colorful mini sewing machine perfect for beginners or those who live life on the go.

Janome Fastlane Fuschia

Next up is my favorite small sewing machine from Janome (purely based on color).

The Janome Fastlane Fuchsia mini sewing machine does come in a bright shade that makes this little machine really stand out in a crowd or craft fair.

This compact Janome machine is electric, so you would need to be near a power outlet. 


It’s a portable and mini sewing machine perfect for beginners or those who live life on the go. The 10 stitches built in the Janome include straight, zig-zag, and crescent, and it features two needle positions.

It comes with 5 stitch width adjustments for straight stitches. 


The Janome mini machine comes with accessory storage which is a rarity on mini sewing machines, and it also includes a reverse sewing button and can be used with double thread.

An extra high presser foot on this Janome means you can sew thicker fabrics and easily squeeze them through your mini machine.

A guard is in place to cover the presser foot and needle to protect your fingers, as the needle is closer in proximity than larger sewing machines.

The four point feed dogs system can be dropped for free motion sewing. 


  • Unit dimensions: 10.5” x 5” x 9”
  • Weight: 5lbs
  • Stitches built in: 4
  • Speed: 350spm


  • Bright color
  • 4 piece feed dog – more grip on fabric
  • Simple to use Janome


  • Manual thread tension control
  • No buttonhole feature on the Janome

Best Mini Sewing Machine

Michley LSS 202 Lil Sew n’ Sew

An affordable super small sewing machine good for quick repairs.

Michley LSS 202 Lil Sew n’ Sew

The Michley LSS 22 Lil Sew n’ Sew is a super small machine the size of a clothes iron, and literally has thousands of good reviews.

Users praise the machine for providing tight straight stitches.

This machine comes in two different colors you can choose from depending on your supplier.


A top drop in bobbin means easy threading and an automatic re-wind.

The mini machine offers two threads for durable stitching and an automatic bobbin winder.

It’s good for quick repairs and comes with a standard 1 year warranty.

It isn’t much, but for such a low price you can’t really ask for much more!


This mini machine can be used with an extension cord or batteries making it portable and easy to transport.

However, it might not sew layers of thick fabrics that well. But, it does have a jam prevention system, meaning the machine will lock to prevent damage to it. 


It’s a handy and bare bones sewing machine, suitable for entry level sewists who don’t want to break the bank deciding if they like this craft.

It will serve you well unless you are looking for a feature rich machine.

It’s good for beginners, and advanced sewers will find it useful to finish small projects that don’t require any fancy finishings. 


  • Unit dimensions: 7.7” x 4.5” x 8.3”
  • Weight: 1.74lbs
  • Stitches built in: 1 straight stitch
  • Speed: 2 high and slow – depends on the fabric


  • Two speed control
  • Top drop in load automatic bobbin
  • Operated with power cord or batteries


  • Cannot choose the color knobs you would like on dials
  • Lightweight model, can tip over easily during large sewing projects

Sew Mighty Sewing Machine

Good for beginners and children, it canl also help tackle any sewing projects at home on the go with advanced or experienced sewist.

Sew Mighty Sewing Machine

The Sew Mighty portable sewing machine and can be used for children or adults learning to sew.

It’s a dual speed sewing machine, controlled via foot pedal and can be either battery operated or cord powered.

There are options online where you can buy it with or without a sewing kit, depending if you have your own sewing supply. 


While this machine is good for beginners and children, it will also help tackle any sewing projects at home on the go with advanced or experienced sewists.

The machine offers a double thread sewing with a drop-in lower bobbin. It should deliver neat and straight stitching every time. 


The two speed motor can be controlled by hand or with the included foot pedal.

It includes 4 bobbins, 2 needles, and 1 needle threader to save you time when sewing in a hurry.

An automatic top loading bobbin system means easy stitch selection, and although it’s small it has a durable frame to hold it sturdy during high speed sewing. 


Customers say it’s easy to use, versatile, durable, and amazing value for money.

It can be used with 4 AA batteries or a power source supply via a plug.

The machine weighs less than 3lbs, so it can easily be carried away in a shoulder bag. 


  • Unit dimensions: 10.5” x 9.5” x 6.4”
  • Weight: 2.8lbs
  • Built in stitches: 1 straight stitch
  • Speed: 2, fast and slow.


  • Options to buy with a sewing kit
  • Two speed stitch sewing machine
  • Lightweight model


  • Only one stitch
  • No carry case included

How do I use a mini sewing machine?

Sewing a Violet Gingham Fabric
Sewing a Violet Gingham Fabric

Generally speaking, a mini sewing machine is used much like a domestic regular sized sewing machine.

A mini sewing machine will be threaded like a standard machine too, in terms of winding the bobbin and the top thread. 


Firstly, you’ll want to refer to the instruction manual and familiarize yourself with the correct process for threading your machine and adjusting tension and/or settings. 

Once the machine has been threaded (including winding the bobbin), you’re good to go!

I would say this is probably the trickiest part of sewing and can be a trial and error with adjusting the bobbin and tension. 


Make sure you have enough juice in the batteries (hopefully you’ll be using rechargeable batteries), or you are plugged in to a power supply. 

Getting started

Position the fabric under the raised presser foot, and lower it.

Make sure you have enough fabric after the needle on the back side of the presser foot, as this can get sucked into the machine and jam it—potentially causing damage to your material. 


It’s helpful to start with a test scrap of fabric before moving onto your sewing project.

Check the speed – slow or fast, and then apply steady pressure to the foot pedal. 

Here’s a video to give you an idea.

Luby Sewing Machine for Beginners Review – Best Sewing Machine for Beginners


Refer to your machine’s manual for the full range of settings.

Make sure to select the stitch width and length before you begin. 

There are a range of videos online to help you when starting out using a mini sewing machine.

Things to consider

Pink Mini Sewing Machine on a Table
Pink Mini Sewing Machine on a Table

Like all machinery, there are things to think about when buying the best mini sewing machine for your needs. 


Consider what you will be using your mini sewing machine for.

They’re not recommended for high heavy duty sewing work, and for making thicker clothes with multiple layers, you could consider purchasing a domestic regular sewing machine with a more powerful motor. If you need help finding your ideal heavy-duty sewing machine, click here.


A mini sewing machine can be very low cost, so purchasing one could be a great way of testing out if you want to pick up this hobby without breaking the bank.

They also make good and relatively cheap gifts for children!


The best mini sewing machine will often come with some type of warranty depending on the brand and company.

Often the warranty will be limited, and it varies between 1 year and 25 years.

Make sure you understand what’s covered in your warranty if the machine malfunctions. Where can you get it repaired or looked at?


Although the cost of the mini sewing machines is low, you still want to be sure you’re covered for any malfunction or troubleshooting. 


Mini Sewing Machine On a Wooden Floor
Mini Sewing Machine On a Wooden Floor

The weight and size of a mini sewing machine can vary immensely.

From 13lbs to 1lb, consider how often you want to move the sewing machine around.

Consider whether you will be putting it into a side bag, taking it to craft fairs, or using it on a job. 

LED light 

Not all mini sewing machines come with an LED light, in fact it is common for them to go without.

Consider where and when you will be sewing, as if most of the sewing will be in unlit areas you may have to buy an additional light to clip on.

Free arm 

A free arm will allow you to sew tubular items like sleeve cuffs and pant legs.

This is usually accessible by removing an accessory box, but on a mini sewing machine the work area is usually the free arm, and an extension table can be added on to increase the size.


Testing Mini Sewing Machine Stitch

The best mini sewing machine will only have 2 speed settings – a low and a high.

The low speed setting is good to get started during a test sew, so get used to the machine and make sure it will sew through your fabric easily. 


You won’t be using a portable or mini sewing machine to create anything huge, so there is no point in having a ton of stitch options included.

Instead, you only need the basic stitches for hemming or making a quick project, or maybe fixing something with a zig zag stitch. 

In case you need some inspiration on your next project, check out my collection of Great British Sewing Bee patterns. Whether you like sewing dresses, pants, or gowns, there is something for a sewing enthusiast just like you


There are quite a few different mini sewing machines on the market today, and only you can make the best decision for your needs.

Just to recap, my top pick is the Luby sewing machine due to its full range of user friendly features that will help you expand your sewing projects—and creative arsenal!

Top Pick

The best mini machine is the Michley Lil’ Sew n Sew, due to its weight and the incredibly loyal user base.

This one has everyone in the community talking, especially with the stitch features and the warranty protection plan the company offers! 

Best Portable

The best portable machine is the Magicfly Mini.

It’s under 4lbs, and it’s next to amazing how easy it is to use.

The 12 stitches built in give you more freedom in what you can create.

Happy Sewing!

The elementary aspects of small portable sewing machines really make them a great choice for everyone who wants to learn this craft, or for those who sew on the road.

Whichever model you decide to go for today, best of luck in your decision. In case you’re searching for alternative options, check out my review of the best sewing machine for beginners.

It really opens you up to the projects and places you can sew!