Top 7 Best Pattern Making Software For Sewing (2024 Guide)

Featured Image - BC-0097 - pattern making software
Featured Image – BC-0097 – pattern making software
Kris Daub
Published by Kris Daub | Senior Editor
Last updated: November 30, 2023
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Have you ever labored over creating a pattern, then cutting out, sewing and finishing the garment to find that it doesn’t fit? I have and it was such a waste of time.

The good news is you can avoid this problem by fashion designing your own pattern pieces with your personal measurements in pattern-making software operating systems.

Pattern making software will make sewing patterns for you! Too good to be true? I’ve rounded up my favorite pattern making software for you to see for yourself.

Best Pattern Making Software Reviews



Seamly2D is a clothing pattern design software, to create reusable, scalable and shareable custom fit patterns, using bespoke tailoring and historical pattern drafting techniques.


Seamly2D allows designers to have complete control over the pattern making process. It will help the user to save time and improve the fit by creating patterns that are CAD engineered.


Seamly2D reads multi-size files for boutique sizing, and individual measurement files for a custom-fit. This means you can design one pattern in one size, and the CAD software will create it in multiple sizes ready for you to download, print and sew!

The program guides you on exactly which parts of your body to measure and enters into the CAD to help you get a made to measure fit every time.

This is a user-friendly open source software with digital tools, which allows you to use, share, sell and distribute patterns in any way that you wish!



Valentina is an open sourced pattern-making program designed for making parametric patterns of clothing. This means it’s available for the general public to use (including for commercial purposes).


User-friendly Valentina is the ideal software to help you to reduce the time and labor costs of creating patterns, by doing it for you digitally.


It implements the idea of working with parametric patterns, which means a pattern can be rearranged by changing the input data, measurements and increments to automatically shape patterns into other styles and sizes without the need of manual restructuring – Pretty useful if you get bored easily, or work in a high end fast turnover fashion industry.

This CAD software is a really good assistant for clothing manufacturers, designers, cutters, tailors as well as the home sewing enthusiast. It will help you develop and expand your sewing pattern catalog!



Inkscape is a vector drawing software. It’s a computer aided design editor suitable for Windows, MAXOS and offers a rich set of features which can be used widely for artistic creations such as creating sewing patterns and cartoons.


Inkscape offers a rich set of tools which can be used across crafts making this a good software if you are a multi-crafter have experience in graphic design.


Inkscape includes flexible drawing tools, a broad file PSD format compatibility, powerful text tool and spiro curves. You do more of the work with this software, as you would have to manually draw your pattern out with the pen tool.

Once you have done this, you are able to save and then create layers for overlay on patterns, save them in grouping orders so you can customize operations on paths. You would need some experience with pattern making before using this software as a lot of it needs to be manually executed.



PatternSmith is one of the pattern industries leading fashion programs for pattern drafting, making, cutting editing and helps with machine control.


Patternsmith is an award winning pattern drafting, editing and nesting company that gives the user maximum power over their creations, with minimum complication (that’s what I like to hear!).


The software uses 2D CAD drafting which includes geometric creation tools and different shapes. It also has fashion textile-specific entities such as notches, seams and anchors. The editing tools with previews help save time.

It has optimized unique patterns for fast cutting. Inexperience pattern software users, don’t fret – this easy to use software is packed full of video tutorials and embedded help files.

Free Trial

They offer a 30 day trial free pattern making software so you can take advantage of the fabric library, project management and the streamlined order processing.


WildGinger PatternMaster

PatternMaster is a line of software programs that automatically drafts custom sized grade patterns suited to your body.

WildGinger PatternMaster

The PatternMaster V7 by Wild Ginger already has an abundance of custom fit patterns with no size limitations built in.

You can get totally free measuring, enter your measurements and get a library of digital patterns in your size ready to print on multiple pages.

It’s important to note that selections are sold separately so make sure to only buy what you need!


It comes with over 90 design and fit settings, it’s as simple as click, print, tape and sew. It comes with an illustrated guide sheet, a yardage calculator and an editing tool so you can make amendments to existing patterns from their library.


PatternMaker 7.5

PatternMaker Professional 7.5 has been specifically designed for drafting patterns that will be sewn.

PatternMaker 7.5

PatternMaker Professional 7.5 is a computer program especially designed for drawing patterns for sewing clothes. You can create professional draft patterns the same way you do when you hand draft with a pencil and paper.

You can get inspired from the pattern collection included in the program or make your own with a drafting system.


Editing patterns, adding seam allowances, notches and symbols in a professional way is easy with the abundance of tools included. You can try the free Demo of this English program for 30 days before making the one off purchase.


ETelestia Creator

ETelestia Creator is a pattern cutting and CAD software, which can be used to create all apparel collections accurately, quickly and easily.

ETelestia Creator

The Telestia Creator Pattern Cutting CAD Software is based on the methodology that provides accurate patterns with perfect fit.

The apparel CAD system is created by experienced technologists to help you move into creation and away from struggling to learn complex systems.


The unique system allows you to create your own pattern blocks and styles, and to build up your own style library.

You can modify and adjust existing blocks and create professional final fit collections with tools.

The fashion software even comes with a built in help and ready examples feature for your inspiration. You can print your digitized patterns in life size from any standard printer – they say a plotter is not needed.


TUKAcad Fashion

TUKAcad have created a fashion design CAD patterns making software with advanced functionality and process engineering to empower designers.

TUKAcad Fashion

TUKAcad is a software full of tools for pattern making and grading and marker making.

They aim to help you build accurate patterns and bespoke grade rules and marker nesting for every fashion style conceived.


TUKAcad has got lots of innovative features in this software such as a before and after wash shrinkage chart, a pattern card, and automatic grading updates with pattern changes – saving you time and stress when making your pattern. The program works on Windows and Mac.

What is the best pattern making software?

The best pattern making software is dependent on your pattern preference and what you wish to create.

I think the best software includes various tools like a measurement chart, a seam allowance, memory editing features, yardage calculator – and it should have a user-friendly interface. I like software that already has patterns included that can be tweaked easily, for when I’m not feeling so inspired.

If you’re in the fashion industry, or a novice patterner the best pattern making software helps to create your own blocks for a digital pattern.

However, the software options which are best for pattern making can differ from person to person as it’s used for both marker making and for pattern grading.

Is there an app to create sewing patterns?

Sew Awesome 2 App
Sew Awesome 2 App

Yes, there are now apps such as Sew Away 2 (For Android, For Apple) with tools that you can download and install into your computer or smartphone so you can make and edit on the go. The fashion design software is used for garment businesses and fashion designers to turn a pattern design into digital images.

How do you make clothing patterns on the computer?

You would need to download some type of pattern drafting software or program that’s been listed here to customize clothing patterns on the computer.

A pattern making software has pattern design tools to help you make your own patterns in the same way high end fashion designers do.


There you have a list of my favorite 8 pattern making softwares. Some of these offer free software trials for you to play around with.

I hope you found this useful and find a pattern making software with tools that are suitable for your needs.

When you do find the best pattern making software for you, the entire process may be a learning curve, but I can promise you having the best software is a total game changer!

Have fun creating patterns!