The Best Sewing Subscription Box To Try! Awesome (2024 List)

Featured Image - BC-0091 - sewing subscription box
Featured Image – BC-0091 – sewing subscription box
Kris Daub
Published by Kris Daub | Senior Editor
Last updated: November 30, 2023
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Am I the only one who can find it challenging to find time sewing clothes, let alone find new materials and interesting projects? I don’t always have the time to nip to my local craft store, so I was thrilled when I discovered sewing subscription boxes.

A sewing box subscription has to be the best way to come across new ideas, develop new sewing skills and give you the opportunity to try new things.

Plus – who doesn’t love to receive things in the mail?

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite sewing box subscriptions for you to take your pick from.

Sew Over it Subscription Box

IndieStitch Sewing Subscription Box

The IndieStitch Sewing Subscription Box features women’s clothing patterns from independent designers such as wide leg pants and cotton tops. The kits include everything you need to create your project.

IndieStitch Sewing Subscription Box

The IndieStitch Sewing Subscription Box includes all you need to level up your sewing skills, putting them to the test with a new ladies garment pattern every month.


The IndieStitch members have an online community where they can enjoy tutorials, exclusive discounts, fabric options and daily sewing inspiration.

The kits come with a sewing pattern, fabric and trimmings required, plus bonus notions to make your sewing more efficient and fun.

Enough Fabric For All Sizes

The IndieStitch box comes with enough material for multiple sizes from XXS – Plus 3X. You have the choice of a new fabric in each month’s box from solid neutral, fun fabric or patterned fabric and can stream video sew-alongs each month.

Snob Box Sew Essentials

Sew Essentials Snob Box

Sew Essentials Sew Box offers you the choice between 2 – 3 meters of fabric and all the notions to use for the project.

Sew Essentials Snob Box

Sew Essentials Snob Box absolutely loves fabric, and will send you garment worthy fabrics every month. These boxes will challenge and inspire you to take your sewing clothes skills up a notch, and fabrics can include knits or woven.


If you know exactly what you want to create but don’t have time to go shopping for fabrics this monthly sewing subscription box could be ideal for you as patterns are not included. You have the fabric choices of 2 meter or 3 meter boxes which will come with that amount of material.

The company boxes offer subscribers to win some Snob Cash by engaging online with #snobbox and proof of your garments.

Sew What Box

Sew What Box

The Sew What Box is an online sewing club, where members can connect and share their creations. You’ll be able to create a pre-cut sewing project delivered straight to your door.

Sew What Box

Each month’s shipment from Sew What Box includes tutorial videos, extra fabric and sewing tools. You’ll receive all the fabric you need, threads, pins and needles to complete each month’s project, meaning no last minute trips to your local craft store.

Learn New Skills

You’ll also learn new skills such as how to get the perfect tension on your sewing machine, French seams, buttonhole basics and the correct seam allowance – useful tips for beginners and accomplished seamstresses.

Previous projects have included aprons, car organizers, zipper pouches and gardening bags, so these projects are stylish and useful.

Monroe Mountain Quilt Box

Where Fun Begins!

Where Fun Begins! monthly sew subscription boxes have been created with budding quilters in mind. You’ll receive a color coordinated bunch of fabrics each month straight to your door, along with other bits and pieces.

Where Fun Begins!

If you’re like me and you go loopy for beautiful fabric, Where Fun Begins!, could be one of the best subscription boxes for you and your quilting projects.

Wonderful Fabrics

The fabrics scream with color and designs which make the most interesting and beautiful projects. The company is really committed to bringing the best to their customers by carefully thinking about and planning what they mail out to you.

Along with sewing notions, you’ll find an extra gift or two in this quilty box – and if that’s not enough the company also halves the cost of domestic shipping!

Needle Sharp Sew Indulgent Box

Needle Sharp Sew Indulgent Box

Needle Sharp’s Sew Boxes is the ultimate garment sewing subscription. They give you the choice of 8 different sewing patterns every month making sure you never get a pattern that is a surprise – right up my street!

Needle Sharp Sew Indulgent Box

Needle Sharp’s Sew Indulgent Box box arrives with a monthly pattern and all the fabric and notions and extras including binding, frill and thread.

March 2022’s box got me interested with their Bakerloo style dress and blouse combo pattern with va-va-voluminous sleeves, but there are other options such as a Curvy Box, Select Box, Classic Curvy, Classic Sew.

Essential Box

If you can’t make up your mind they have a Classic Essential box, which helps you to make basic essentials that every person should have staple items in their wardrobes such as slack trousers. Prices vary depending on the box you go for.

Annie’s Fabric Strip Pack Club

Sewer’s Club Monthly Project

Annie’s Fabric Strip Pack Club is a monthly subscription for deliveries of high-quality, perfectly coordinated fabric strips and other quilting products right to your door.

Sewer’s Club Monthly Project

Annie’s Strip Pack Fabric Club boxes contain 40 strips of 100% cotton. These strips are beautiful and perfectly color coordinated 21/2” strips every month. Each gorgeous strip pack contains variations in color, print and style, all from America’s top designers and companies including Moda fabrics.

Fabric Strips

These strips are ideal for learning how to piece fabric for quilts. This sewing subscription box is a great way to build your high quality fabric stash ready for applique.

Make the most of the digital bonus patterns which are uploaded into your own online library activated when you create an account.

These strips are the perfect width for colorful quilting sewing projects and to help you make quick and easy strip quilts.

MadamSew Sew Happy Boxes

Madam Sew Happy Box

Madam Sew Happy Boxes is a 4 month subscription box which begins when you subscribe, full of new ideas and sewing projects. Each box is thoughtfully curated by their in house content creator, and is full of great quality products.

Madam Sew Happy Box

Needle Sharp’s Sew Boxes is the ultimate garment sewing subscription. They give you the choice of 8 different sewing patterns every month making sure you never get a pattern that is a surprise – right up my street!


Sew Happy Boxes are full of sewing goodies to create women’s apparel.

The boxes include a pattern, step by step instructions, fabric large enough to make the sewing pattern in your size, matching polyester thread, a scrap busting; patchwork parcel pattern; and a fat quarter design of 100% organic cotton.

Tools and Gadgets

They also send you out some MadamSew sewing tools and gadgets, all in splendid and recyclable packaging. They’ve created a vibrant online sewing community on Facebook.

Previous subscription boxes have included a women’s sweater, fabric baskets and a Vitoria Blouse.

Sewer's Club Monthly Project Box

Sewer’s Club Monthly Project

Sewer’s Club Monthly Sewing Project gives you the option of subscribing from 1 – 12 months to keep you sewing throughout the year.

Sewer’s Club Monthly Project

All boxes are shipped every 4 weeks and are jam packed with materials needed to complete a project; including fabric, patterns and fun extras.

Each month’s sewing pattern is either functional or decorative, and in the past have been bags, table runners, placemats and more.


You’ll always receive good quality fabrics and all the notions based upon the pattern which have been carefully curated by their team.

You also get a 15% discount on anything ordered via the sewers club, video tutorials and a video catalog access. No matter when you join, you’ll always receive the entire back catalog of them!

Simply Sewing Boxes

Simply Sewing Box

Simply Sewing Box sends you a monthly fabric load of their highest quality 100% cotton materials and thread. They provide awesome online support for a beginner or novice sewist with live sewing tutorials.

Simply Sewing Box

Simply Sewing Box will send you a new tutorial for you to follow every month to step up and learn new sewing skills.


Every month they provide Zoom tutorials – what could get more personal than that?! They send you an invitation to their exclusive Facebook community where you can find other videos from previous months.

They only use 100% cotton fabric and are renowned for the high quality Gutermann thread. You will receive surprise goodies including trimmings, threads, ribbons, buttons and a whole range of haberdashery accessories.

Sew Fabulous Sewing Subscription Box

Sew Fabulous Fabrics

ew Fabulous Fabrics will send you an up-to-date box of fabrics from the big names in craft cotton such as Art Gallery Fabrics and a pattern with instructions.

Sew Fabulous Fabrics

If you have ever found yourself wandering around the fabrics store not knowing where to go or which fabric to choose, these sewing subscription boxes are for you.

Sew Fabulous Fabrics sends you a collection of the most recent fabrics from American designers’ new collections in either one of three month subscriptions.

Project Card

These boxes include a sewing project card or pattern based upon your sewing level which will inspire and instruct you to create something fabulous for yourself or a gift. The boxes ship you out a selection of haberdashery items to give your sewing that artisan touch!

My Guilty Pleasure The Fat Quarter Club Subscription

My Guilty Pleasure Fabric Box

You will receive 3 fat quarters every month with My Guilty Pleasure subscription boxes, ideal for those who want to delve into the world of quilting.

My Guilty Pleasure Fabric Box

Every month you’ll receive a pattern sheet with a specially designed Fat Quarter project, the relevant haberdashery to make the projects and a surprise treat.


Each of these sewing boxes are themed and will be seasonally created, however what you receive will remain a surprise.

They offer yearly subscriptions, or one off ‘trial boxes’ that let you dip your toe in their Fat Quarter Club Quarterly or Annual Membership. This means extra cost to a subscription if you decide the one sewing project isn’t for you.

The trial boxes are sewing boxes full of stuff their members have previously enjoyed, so simply select the box that you’d like to try!

The Sewciety Subscription Box

Sewciety Subscription Box

When you subscribe to Sewciety, you’ll receive a box bursting with sensational sewing items for a monthly fee of just $48 – all you need extra is your own sewing machine.

Sewciety Subscription Box

Every month Sewciety partners with well-known indie pattern companies to bring subscribers fun, modern PDF or paper patterns for all skill levels.

Each month you’ll get 2 yards and a smaller cut of fabric from their featured quarterly designer, and two patterns – one for both sized pieces of fabric.

Gutermann thread

Their sewing subscription box also contains Gutermann thread, in colors to the fabric. The subscription box will be filled with 3 or more additional sewing notions such as zippers and buttons.

Shipping with Sewciety is always free, and when you subscribe with them for 3 – 6 months you receive added bonuses and gifts!

Sew Hayley Jane Subscription Box

Sew Hayley Jane

There is no long term commitment or contract with Sew Hayley Jane, so you can stop subscribing whenever you feel like it – ideal for those who want to try a sew sampler box without pledging your allegiance.

Sew Hayley Jane

Sew Hayley Jane offers you three different sewing boxes: Classic Sewing Subscription Box, Mini Subscription Box and a Luxury Subscription Box for all of your sewing desires.


The Mini Box includes 1 meter of fabric, 3 fat quarters and other sewing gifts, which is awesome for those who want to dip their toe into the pool of apparel fabrics.

The Classic Box includes 2.5 meters of dressmaking fabric, 4 fat quarters and sewing gifts, a great shout for those who want to fill their wardrobe with gorgeous garments.

The Luxury Subscription Box includes up to 3.5 meters of luxury designer fabric, 5 fat quarters and an independent dressmaking pattern with other sewing gifts!

Grow and Sew Subscription Box

Grow and Sew Sewing Subscription Box

Grow and Sew are the best sewing subscription boxes for anyone who is expecting a new arrival. Each month you’ll receive everything you need to create something for a new baby.

Grow and Sew Sewing Subscription Box

From accessories, clothing and decoration for a nursery, Grow and Sew sends you out a great box including a pattern and fabrics for each month to complete for a new baby.

Whilst most of their projects are predominantly white in color, you can choose a color scheme for the duration of your subscription box.


Choose from Grow and Sew selection, pastels and earthy tones – but, if you can’t make up your mind you can opt for a surprise every month!

Previous patterns have included baby joggers, baby sweatshirts and dribble bibs. The patterns are for beginner level, and are all gender neutral.

The box includes: fabric, coordinating thread, pre-wound bobbin, machine or embroidery needle, any extra notions, sewing pattern pieces and instructions.

Stitchy Box Subscription Box

Stitchy Box Subscription Box

StitchyBox is a monthly box for all needlework stitchers! It’s cross stitch and embroidery galore, and could be the most affordable box for you, offering a promo of 10% off your first month.

Stitchy Box Subscription Box

Stitchybox will send you fabulous charts and kits each month for cross stitch needlework, with color coordinating threads.

The cross stitch patterns have been created by a variety of cross stitch designers from the US.

The Stitchy Box of samplers offers embroiderers a practice platform for numbers and the alphabet, and various patterns too. Although each box is low in cost, (prices vary on selection) you can pay in installments so you don’t break the bank at the end of the month.

What are sewing subscription boxes?

February – My Guilty Pleasure Box

A sewing subscription box is a monthly or quarterly subscription where you will receive a box full of all the sewing supplies you need to create a project.

Depending on the type of box you go for, you can make anything from placemats and table runners, to women’s apparel and baby clothes.

A sewing subscription box means you automatically receive everything you need, right to your front door.

Why subscribe to a sewing subscription box?

A subscription box is one of the easiest and best ways to receive all the tools required to complete a sewing project from start to finish.

Subscription boxes provide you with high quality fabrics, threads, needles and sewing patterns to help you to create something beautiful.

All in one kit

It means you have no last minute trips or standing around in queues for your items, saving time and sometimes saving yourself money on discounts and extra goodies.

Put simply, a sewing box helps you discover new products, brands. techniques and fun new ways to use fabric all mailed to your door.

What’s the best sewing subscription box?

Sew What Box 2
Sew What Box

I sometimes know that I want to sew, without knowing what to sew! So, I think the best sewing subscription boxes contain a pattern, sewing supplies, and bright colorful fabrics. I also like boxes which offer patterns in varying skill levels.

The Sew What Box is up there with my favorite boxes around. When purchasing you have different term options from a 1 month sew sampler kit, all the way to 12 months which works out cheaper.

If that’s not enough, they also offer 10% of your first shipment and 25% off the first box with a 3+ month prepay making it one of the best sewing subscription boxes.


So there you have a list of 15 sewing subscription boxes to get you on your way. These boxes can help significantly save some money if you’re a regular sewist, or they make a great gift for loved ones.

Sewing subscription boxes can be tailored to skill level. Most are simple projects, suitable for beginners or those with intermediate sewing skills, but you’ll soon learn tricks along the way and build up your skills quickly.

Happy Sewing!

No matter your sewing level, you can find a sewing supply box that is perfect for you! Do you have a favorite sewing subscription box I’ve not included? Let me know in the comments below. Good luck and happy sewing!