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Designing The Site…

We’ve spent a lot of time designing the site to make it more user friendly and fun to read. We wanted to create a

What To Make… What To Make…

A bit about deciding what you could make for market. The Curated Shop is stocked full of unique, one-of-a-kind handcrafted products. Ever wonder where all

Reduce… Reuse… Recycle

We are all familiar with the phrase reduce-reuse-recycle, but did you know they are placed in that order for a reason? Once you understand

Hello World

I know, I know… Change? What? Why? Well, let me start by saying how much I loved the Vixens of Vintage market brand. I put


Saturday Feb 22, 2020 10am to 4pm Curated. Winter Market Prince of Wales Armouries 10440 108 Ave NW 70 amazing handmade makers, designers and curators,